Burn-E Pixar

If you buy the upcoming DVD of Wall-E you’ll be able to watch a new Pixar hort film entitled Burn-E, wich follows the adventures of a welder robot who is fitly named Burn-E. Burn-E was locked out of the spaceship when Wall-E rushed in, and is striving to get in again.

If you forgot the scene I suggest to watch it again: –> Burn-E

And, thanks to the Pixar Blog, we have some better screen captures of Burn-E:

Burn-E is working outside the Starliner.

Burn-E is a robot welder.

Burn-E by Pixar

I think Burn-E will be as amazing as the movie Wall-E itself. Maybe I will buy the DVD, well, unless Pixar Burn-E leaked online before… Joking, better of course to show some support to Disney Pixar and buy a real Wall-E DVD.

Update as of November 12, 2008: Burn-E has just leaked –> Watch Burn-E Online

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