Cadillac Records Beyonce Clip At Last but not least!

Beyonce in Cadillac Records

Ten new Cadillac Records preview clips are available as the official release of the movie is nearing. Don’t miss the clip featuring Beyonce as Etta James singing ‘At Last‘:

Cadillac Records Movie

Etta Sings At Last
featuring Beyonce

I really love this song: it speaks to my soul!

More Cadillac Records clips –>

Contract signing

Chess and Wife at the entrance of the new studio

Little Walter Signing

Meet Willie Dixon

Walter hits on Geneva

Howlin’ Wolf

Chuck Berry loses a gig
featuring Mos Def

Meet Etta
featuring Beyonce & Adrien Brody

Etta sings church bells
featuring Adrien Brody, Beyonce, & Jeffrey Wright

The new generations will have an occasion to rediscover the musical treasures of the 1950s and the 1960s thanks to Cadillac records.

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