Camera Obscura Movie poster

There’s a first official poster for Camera Obscura, the upcoming horror thriller movie directed by Aaron B. Koontz and starring Christopher Denham:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)


Take a picture. Take a life.

From one of the producers of Paranormal Activity.

Plot synopsis:
“Today is Jack (Christopher Denham)’s birthday. A former war photographer with ghosts of his own, his girlfriend Claire (Nadja Bobyleva) gifts him with an 80-year-old camera. He spends the next day wandering around town taking photos until he racks up ten rolls of film. After he picks up the developed pictures, he is surprised to see a dead body in each of the rolls, bodies that were not there when he took the pictures. Jack comes to the terrible realization that these are not pictures of the past, or of some spectral spirit, but prophecies of future events. He does everything in his power to stop the seemingly inevitable when his girlfriend appears in one of the photos. Is there a way to prevent her predicted demise?”

Do you think his camera is possessed or cursed?

No official release date yet.

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