Captain America 2 Movie

Captain America Movie Sequel - Captain America 2Sounds like Marvel is already planning a movie sequel to Captain America the First Avenger: according to Latino Review the studio has indeed hired Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus (who penned the screenplay of the first film) to write a script for Captain America 2. The first film hasn’t hit theaters yet, but judging from the Superbowl trailer, Joe Johnston’s Captain America is going to be a great movie. Watch here below if you haven’t seen it yet:

Captain America 2 Trailer

I’m quite glad to hear about Captain America 2. Don’t know if Joe Johnston will helm the sequel (if he was to become too greedy following the obvious success of the first film, Marvel would not hesitate to find a new director…), but from what I heard Chris Evans is kind of locked by contract for a few more Captain America movies besides the Avengers film. So he will quite probably reprise his role in Captain America 2.

Anyway, more information about the movie Captain America 2 as soon as details emerge!

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  1. aravindha

    Its a bit too early for this? Why are announcing a sequel when the first part hasn’t come out yet. I mean the studio is a bit too overconfident that the first avenger is actually going to be good. I mean who knows it could s**k.