Cargo – That’s Awesome!

Cargo is a really great short-film about a father who’s been bitten by a zombie and who’s determined to save his baby daughter before he turns into a zombie:

“Stranded in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, a man sets in motion an unlikely plan to protect the precious cargo he carries: his infant daughter.”

I need to quote a youtube user here:

“This film managed to do in 7 minutes what The Walking Dead still hasn’t done in 3 seasons.”

Youtube user stab2486

I definitely agree! Cargo is an awesome short film, isn’t it?

“That’s Awesome!” is our special feature in which, once in a while, we try to highlight interesting stuffs we saw here and there.

One Response - “Cargo – That’s Awesome!”

  1. TattoozNTech

    holy damn. seriously. OMFG! my wife & i are actually crying right now. we just finished watching this. we have 2 small daughters, so maybe that brings this home so much harder. my mind has just been blown.