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So Chris Weitz is taking over the job director at the helm of New Moon, the upcoming sequel to Twilight that should be released in November 2009. Doing so, he is replacing Catherine Hardwicke:

Chris Weitz is replacing Catherine Hardwicke - Twilight 2 - New Moon MovieFans may have felt she did a hell of a job with first movie adaptation of Twilight. But Summit Entertainment definitely wants to switch to Director Chris Weitz for New Moon. Why such a change?

New Moon Movie Director Chris Weitz Replaces Catherine Hardwicke

Officially, Catherine Hardwicke is leaving because of timing:

“I am sorry that due to timing I will not have the opportunity to direct New Moon. Directing Twilight has been one of the great experiences of my life, and I am grateful to the fans for their passionate support of the film. I wish everyone at Summit the best with the sequel—it is a great story.”

Catherine Hardwicke

But well, I believe that Summit, who wants to make a real blockbuster, does not think that Hardwicke fits the job anymore. She’s got no experience with fantasy movies and a blockbuster budget may be overwhelming for her.

So Summit Entertainment prefers to hire Chris Weitz to direct the movie New Moon, aka Twilight 2. That’s a bold move that may backlash: Chris Weitz may be expert in doing fantasy, but Catherine Hardwicke is expert in understanding feelings and emotions. Love and characters is what drove throngs of Twilight fans to theaters. Let’s hope that Weitz will be able to mix the best of the two sides!

At least Chris Weitz shows some humility regarding his new job as director of the New Moon movie:

“I am honored to have been entrusted with shepherding New Moon from the page to the screen.”

Chris Weitz, Director of New Moon

As long as Stephenie Meyer is controlling what’s done on the set of New Moon, Catherine Hardwicke being replaced by Chris Weitz shouldn’t matter that much. The real guardian of the Twilight saga is Stephenie Meyer herself after all!
Stephenie Meyer - New Moon Movie

Here a short New Moon clip by Reelz that’s dwelling on the controversy (it’s also hinting at the replacement of Taylor Lautner):


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  1. Irene Stevens

    I’m looking forward to the new moon cause I’ve read all the books and it’s like I know each of the characters and it’s a very romantic story that makes us all feel we’re involved in it ourselves. I’m looking forward to see how Robert Pattinson handles the story line as I know he will but I’m still very interested. I’m a great fan of his since Harry Potter series and I’m really looking forward to it. Please send my love to all and great success with the rest of the book series. Forever a big fan of this series. Irene Stevens.

  2. Teaser Trailer

    Yeap, Robbert Pattinson was indeed in Harry Potter:

    Harry Potter director discusses Robert Pattinson as Diggory

    He was playing the role of Cedric Diggory, a young wizard who was a rival of Harry Potter until he died, victim of his own trick…

    Well by now Robert Pattinson does have his own movie series with Twilight: he is not anymore in the shadow of Daniel Radcliffe.


  3. tatiana

    I think that Taylor Lautner is the best Jacob out there! NO ONE can replace him and New Moon is not going to be as good without him. Taylor is the best !


    I LOVE TWILIGHT! I believe that they can work with Taylor Lautner to make him fit his character’s build. I mean, this is Hollywood, right? Where your dreams come true? One of the many highlights to Twilight were all the characters that were chosen to play out the saga. I would hate, and hate is a strong word for them to replace Taylor. If the director cannot work with Taylor then to me, in my opinion, Catherine Hardwicke should have never been replaced. Jacob is Taylor Lautner.

  5. Lexi

    I am sorry to say that I agree with replacing Lautner. If he could grow bigger and taller in the upcoming months let him stay but we all know how that part of growing up works. He did a great job in Twilight but we might need a bigger guy to do the wolf work…

  6. Brianna

    I think Catherine Hardwicke did a great job with twilight but i think its good that they got a new director because twilight did not get all the parts in the book i expected to see (I’d like to know what anyone else thinks). I hope Chris Weitz puts every part of the book in the movie and i hope its exactly like the book!

  7. Mioshi

    I really hope they don’t replace Taylor with that other dude.
    Taylor deserves this role! no one else!

  8. callie

    I love these books and twlight the movie. I think that twilight should have been more developed like the book . The books are way better than the movie. (: but i LOVE THE MOVIE, i have seen twilight 15 times and read the book twice. (:

  9. Samfriend

    hmm, I guess the do have to replace Taylor. No doubt he deserves it, but he needs to be able to fit the role. As far as it goes for a new director i agree with the change. If you watch twilight without our fangirl heads in the movie, you can really see a lot of aspects that could have been done better.

  10. kate eggleston

    The second movie does need more control of special effects to visually cover the and intensify the love story going on in an unusual circumstance and setting. Catherine really covered the love story but the action and other effects were flat. I was especially disappointed with the meadow scene…sure some of it was because of budget, but come on! With Chris knowing more about effects and Stephenie there to guide the heart of the story I am confident it will be a good New Moon. As for Taylor, he is young and when you read about Jacob, the impression is that he is big and older in more ways than one and they need someone and that could be Copon who really looks like Taylor’s older brother. Taylor is talented and young enough for something he can do later that he can put his definite mark on. Taylor by the way, comes from my hometown and I wouldn’t want him to lose the part, but I know he will do something great later… watch out for him!

  11. taylor

    ive read all the books, without a doubt the books are better :) but Jacob being replaced??? What the hell is wrong with them, it confuses everyone! And the new director??? Well i dont know, Harry Potter was good but if he cant get the (l)love or passion its gonna make the movie bad. It is true though that “we’re involved” from 10 things i hate about you is in a way pointed to this movie, the books captivate people and get you involved so changing anything makes it worse but then you focus on Harry Potter, when the first Dumbledore died they got a new 1 and there was no problem, maybe everyone will learn to like the new Jacob, whether you like it or not. :) Maybe in the end the new jacob will be better for the 3rd and 4th movie!!! I dont think this case has a winning side , both have great points which leaves us to another topic overall, why mention this 2 the public which can give great dispute? but thats another thing in itself. I think that change may be good but we wont know until you see the 2nd movie :l/ :)/:(

  12. Nessa

    Catherine to be honest wasn’t a good choice to begin with. The movie looked like it was made in the 90’s the effects are crucial. Hello we have teenage boys turning into werewolves.
    Her vision of Edward in the sunlight… seemed weak.
    Chris is probably the best choice they could make for this movie because he knows he has to portray emotions. He may be a man but he can show feelings just as well as any director or else he wouldn’t have been chosen. New Moon is probably going to blow Twilight away with how better it will turn out

  13. Bella14

    I can’t believe their replacing Talyor! But I guess it will have to be done >sigh<. When I tell my cousin that Talyor’s being replaced, she’s gonna FREAK! I really hope New Moon becomes a HUGE success. Chris Weitz better make New Moon awesome or fans (including me) are gonna kick his ass! And I think Robert Pattinson is H.O.T!

  14. Tara

    All the Twighlighters are not just teenage girls okay. I’m a nearly 30 year old mother of 5 and and I’ve read the series twice and seen the movie 5 times. My oldest daughter (she’s 9) has read it and seen the movie. WE LOVE IT! I truly hope that Chris Weitz reads the books and stays true to the story. If he does not then I will offer up the services of my full size van to pack full of us Twilighters and find him, beat him with wet socks and leave him naked in Forks WA.
    He should really put Stephanie Meyer’s playlist to use in the sound track.

  15. Wendy

    I agree with the change to Chris Weitz, his work is great. I am not much of a reader, hate to read, but I read all the books in the matter of a couple of weeks. I seen the movie after I read twilight and I have to be honest, i was disappointed. There was important key details that were left out. And come on, the passion between Edward and Bella didn’t feel as strong in the movie as in the book. With the technology we have now twilight could have been so much better. I can’t wait for the new movie i hope it stacks up to the book. i am not real happy with the rumor i heard about changing Bella’s character.

  16. m

    I was so thoroughly let down by this “epic” movie, I may never step foot in a movie theater again. How do tell does all of Hollywood allow this movie to get to theaters without someone stepping up and telling the powers that be… oops we made a booboo and let’s not insult the paying public with this joke of a production… or should i say producer? yes I think that’s what I want to say and, yes I do believe they need to change Bella’s character. This actress oozes dirty white trash all over the place and that’s in real life. How can this girl be portrayed as young naive and innocent… forget it. I’m a part of this huge paying public and I for one would like to say, stop insulting our intelligence and this superb series of books and put someone in the director’s chair who’s worthy of the role and glory that this series of movies will bring .

  17. rachel

    I heard that Vanessa Hudgens is to play Leah Clearwater. Ew! She will not match: she can’t play that part. It does not match Vannessa who was once a Disney Channel star… She can’t be Leah Clearwater!

  18. Amy

    I agree with rachel. Vanessa Hudgens shouldn’t be Leah. Leah is cool and she’s not.

  19. Tiffany

    Chris, if you ever need someone to play Tanya, It would be my pleasure!!!!

  20. Catherine

    I for one am a little bit skeptical of Chris Weitz directing New Moon. After buying the Twilight DVD today (i watched the special features) I’ve come to realize that Catherine Hardwicke is an extremely nice, experienced director who seems to really know what to do. She has a closer bond altogether with everyone on the set. I just don’t think Chris will do as good of a job considering that he hasn’t grown close to the actors and the people on set. But hopefully the movie turns out to be a success… Can’t wait to see it!

  21. Ariel

    Im glad they changed the Director to Chris Weitz. When I went to see Twilight, I have to say i was very, very, disappointed. I thought it’d be better. The way it was shot made it seem…dull. I didn’t feel the love between Bella and Edward at all. And how the events worked out, they kind of made it short. They didn’t put much detail and enthusiasm in it. And the F.X. were horrid. They shouldn’t have picked Catherine in the first place. She did a horrible job with it, and if she would have made New Moon, i most likely would not see it. Chris Weitz is good director for this movie :) I know he won’t let us down!

    I saw Twilight, and how everyone was raving about it, i thought it’d be as amazing as the book. But oohh boy, didn’t i get shot down! The MOVIE was horrible. The F.X were a mess and how the love between Bella and Edward was presented, it was so…not there. And how it was shot, it was dull. I expected more. Having Chris Weitz there should make New Moon 10x’s better than Twilight…
    Lets just hope that everything goes well, and it turns out better than the first. If Catherine was shooting New Moon, i most likely would not go see it…

  22. Madi

    I think that Twilight, as a movie, was not the best that it could have been…. But, i think that at least it was a visual of the book (no matter how off they were) and it’s not like they’re going to redo it just because people don’t like it. I can’t wait for New Moon, which was my favorite. And for those who don’t already know, Taylor Lautner (or however you spell his last name) WILL be playing Jacob Black.

  23. rougedame

    Bring it on! I think he will do a GREAT job! As an adult fan of the series (ok totally obsessed adult fan)- it was awesome to see the stuff that was only inside my head come to life on the screen. But also as a big fan I was disappointed in many of the changes. Such is the world when taking a book from page to screen. OH well…however Hardwicke was ok. That’s it folks- she was ok. Putting aside the twilight mania- let’s be honest. The fx were lacking… the editing was choppy…the hair & costumes were contrived (these are mostly due to a small budget & insane filming pace= 48 days!) But her direction was slow- the build up of the relationship was lackluster & I don’t think it was the actors’ fault…they do what they are ‘directed’ to do- they don;t get to choose how a scene is shot or how to shape & build a role. Look closely- the actors are all fine in their roles- its the direction of them in those roles that is lacking. I’m surprised she got such unwavering suppport from fans- it wasn’t even completely true to the book! BTW- I did read that this screenplay will be much closer tot he text. Weitz has more experience with bigger casts (of all ages), bigger storylines & effects. He will manage the hefty budget well and I think bring a better- closer to the novel- story to the screen. The actors may have liked Hardwicke as a person but I think they will grow in their roles MUCH more with his direction.

  24. gorata

    Can somebody please tell me when Midnight Sun is coming out. I don’t want to read the draft because I want the finished version. Can’t wait.

  25. dusty

    It’s a pleasure to know that we now have a new director. Catherine did a good job, but my Twilight Saga fan friends and I think that this movie (Twilight) could’ve been improved. Chris has experience… Catherine doesn’t. I, and others, believe that New Moon will be a success and will be worth every dollar we spend on it.

  26. Tara

    To Gorata:
    Stephenie Meyer has not yet made public the release date of Midnight Sun. However I have read the partial draft off her website and though it’s only 264 pages, it is amazing! I can’t wait for the whole thing. Read the draft sweetie!

  27. miffy

    catherine hardwick was a knob!
    A knob with the best intensions, but still a knob.
    i cant stand the way she talks on all the special features on the dvd!
    rock on chris weitz

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