Chun Li Movie Poster

A US poster has been unveiled for Street Fighter The Legend of Chun-Li:

Chun-Li Movie

(Click on the poster to enlarge it.)
Street Fighter The Legend of Chun LiSTREET FIGHTER
The Legend of Chun-Li

Some fight for power.
Some fight for us.

This Chun-Li movie poster does not look that bad, but it’s not outstanding either… I have the impression they’re marketing this movie like a basic action-fight movie, let’s say like if it they were promoting a basic MMA movie like Never back Down. But that’s a Street Fighter movie for God’s sake! The source material is well known, there is a large fan base, so they could make an effort to produce a better poster… For a start I’d suggest to switch back to a yellow-orange logo instead of this blue title…

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