Chun Li Movie

The Legend of Chun-LiA new batch of preview clips of the new Street Fighter movie, aka Street Fighter The Legend of Chun-Li, has shown up online. Those new clips do no look as good as we may have expected from the earlier clip we’ve seen… I especially appreciate Moon Bloodgood’s performance (can’t say more, my wife checks this blog from time to time…)!

Tickets to this dance

More clips of this Chun-Li movie:

House Warming Gift

Learn some manners!

Daddy’s Little Girl

Guardian Angel

A dance with Vega

Fight vs Bison

I know it’s an origin story and that Chun-Li isn’t yet fully master of her power: but I hope to see more energy blasts and stuff like this… I don’t want to watch a bland martial-art movie… So I hope that those clips are just an ill-chosen sample of this Street Fighter movie and that at the end we will be blown away… Maybe I’m too much optimistic for this flick though…

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  1. Andreus

    I like what i saw..

  2. Jimbob

    Judging by the clips. The juvenile dialogue is straight from a bad made-for-tv kung-fu movie and the fight choreography is lacking dynamics and is all too familiar.

    Perhaps if Yuen Wo Ping or Donnie Yen had choreographed the action and more creative attention was paid to the one-liners, the clips would have been much more effective.

    Although the film seems to be targeted toward a young male demographic, (perhaps 10-16), it is no reason to “dumb-down”, the action/plot/dialogue which ultimately lessens a films entertainment value and appeal.

    Jackie Chan’s family oriented films offer more inventiveness so why shouldn’t this movie do the same?

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