Clip of 11:55

11:55 FilmYou may watch below a preview clip of 11:55, the latest drama thriller movie starring Victor Almanzar, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Shirley Rumierk, David Zayas, Mike Carlsen, John Leguizamo, Julia Stiles, Goya Robles, and Robin De Jesus:

11:55 – Step up! Semper Fi, do or die!
Plot synopsis:
“U.S. Marine Nelson Sanchez has run out of time.
After being honorably discharged and returning to his economically depressed hometown, Nelson must face the consequences of the violent past he thought he had escaped. Trying desperately to survive the day, Nelson charts an unlikely path to redemption. In a place where the only options appear to be the street or the military, 11:55 captures a young man’s escape from the cycles of violence that have defined him.”

Do you want him to go full Punisher against the local gangsta?

The film is directed by Ari Issler.

Release date: June 9, 2017.

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