5 Clips of An Affair to Die For

An Affair To Die For Movie 2019We’ve got our hands on five preview clips of An Affair To Die For, the upcoming thriller drama horror movie starring Claire Forlani, Jake Abel, and Titus Welliver:

An Affair to Die For – The rules

An Affair to Die For – Now let’s see you lie

An Affair to Die For – Have a drink

An Affair to Die For – What did you do?

An Affair to Die For – The rules
Plot synopsis:
“When a woman and her boyfriend’s infidelity is discovered, they are forced to play the twisted game of their captor to save their family members from being murdered. Their weekend getaway turns into a nightmare of psychological mind games, where they will do anything just to survive. Truth, lies, love and hate all meet in this explosive thriller.”

Abide by the rules or suffer the painful consequences…

The film is directed by Victor Garcia.

Release date: February 1, 2019 (in theaters).

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