Clip of Criminal with Kevin Costner and Gal Gadot

This first preview clip of Criminal, the upcoming action drama thriller movie directed by Ariel Vromen, features Kevin Costner and Gal Gadot:

Criminal – They stuck Billy into my head.
Plot synopsis:
“The story of the right man in the wrong body. In a last-ditch effort to stop a diabolical plot, a dead CIA operative (Ryan Reynolds)’s memories, secrets, and skills are implanted into an unpredictable and dangerous death-row inmate (Kevin Costner) in hopes the he will complete the operative’s mission.”

Gal Gadot doesn’t need Wonder Woman‘s fancy bracelets to get a man to speak the truth: all she needs is a little gun, lol! What a marvelous woman!

Anyway, here’s a new poster:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)


The mission is in the memories.

Release date: April 15, 2016.

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