Clip of Dead Ant

Dead Ant 2019You may watch below a preview clip of Dead Ant, the latest horror comedy movie directed by Ron Carlson and starring Tom Arnold, Sean Astin, Jake Busey, Ryhs Coiro, Leisha Hailey, Cameron Richardson, and Danny Woodburn:

Dead Ant – What are you doing with a gun?
Plot synopsis:
“When the ‘one-hit-wonder’ glam-metal band ‘Sonic Grave’ embark on a trip to coachella in hopes of a comeback, their peyote trip pit stop in Joshua Tree incites an ‘unworldly’ viscous attack, and they must “rock” themselves out of harms way.”

Those ants will learn the hard way that they should not mess with people from the music industry!

Anyway, here’s a new film poster:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)

Dead Ant New Film Poster

A Ron Carlson film.

Release date: January 25, 2019 (on VOD and Digital HD).

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