3 Clips of Happy Death Day 2U

Happy Death Day 2U Film 2019We’ve got our hands on three preview clips of Happy Death Day 2 aka Happy Death Day 2U, the upcoming horror thriller slasher movie sequel starring Jessica Rothe, Israel Broussard, Phi Vu, Suraj Sharma, Sarah Yarkin, and Ruby Modine:

Happy Death Day 2U – Tree escapes Baby Face.

Happy Death Day 2U – Where were you?

Happy Death Day 2U – Baby face killer
Plot synopsis:
“This Valentine’s Day, death makes a killer comeback.
Jessica Rothe leads the returning cast of HAPPY DEATH DAY 2U, the follow-up to Blumhouse’s (Split, Get Out, The Purge series) surprise 2017 smash hit of riveting, repeating twists and comic turns. This time, our hero Tree Gelbman (Rothe) discovers that dying over and over was surprisingly easier than the dangers that lie ahead.”

There’s a baby face killer on the loose again! But don’t worry, Tree Gelbman (Jessica Rothe) will save the day, hopefully…

The film will hit theaters on February 14, 2019 (in theaters).

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