Clip of Rottentail

Rottentail Movie 2019We’ve got our hands on a preview clip of Rottentail, the upcoming horror comedy movie starring Corin Nemec, Dominique Swain, William McNamara, Gianni Capaldi, Vincent De Paul, Tank Jones, Gianna Frangella, Mark Speno, Omid Zader, Jason McCrite, Richard Anderson, Byron Browne, Aaron Lee, Shane Dean, Diana Brest, Lisa Palenica, Laurie Love, and Calion Maston:

Rottentail – I love darts
Plot synopsis:
“Peter Cotton (Corin Nemec) is bitten by a mutant rabbit, transforming him into the film’s evil titular character. Seeking revenge, he heads to his hometown of Easter Falls on the eve of the Annual Easter Parade to wreak havoc and lay claim to the love of his life.”

This freaky mutant kind of reminds me of Charles, the anthropomorphic dog from Daft Punk’s cult music video Da Funk. Anyway, Actor Corin Nemec makes for a crazy awesome mutant!

The film is directed by Brian Skiba.

Release date:
– in select theaters: April 12, 2019;
– on DVD and Blu-Ray: April 26, 2019.

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