Clip of Serpent

SerpentWe’ve got our hands on a preview clip of Serpent, Serpent, the latest thriller movie written and directed by Amanda Evans and starring Sarah Dumont and Tom Ainsley:

Serpent – There’s something in the tent
Plot synopsis:
“When Adam (Tom Ainsley)’s grant is approved to research a rare species of South African beetle, his wife Gwen (Sarah Dumont) convinces him to bring her along in an effort to repair their rocky relationship and assuage her own secret guilt. Upon reaching the lush, forebodingly-named Suicide Gorge, Adam and Gwen settle in and set up camp. When their slumber is disturbed by the gut-wrenching revelation that a venomous Black Mamba is zipped inside the tent with them, the couple discovers that the harrowing physical threat they face is equally matched by a rapidly spiraling, dark and dangerous psychological showdown.”

If you’re into snakes you may also want to check Snake Outta Compton.

Release date: October 31, 2017 (on DVD and Digital).

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