Clip of The Cured

The CuredYou may watch below a preview clip of The Cured, the upcoming zombie horror movie written and directed by David Freyne and starring Ellen Page, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, Sam Keeley, Stuart Graham, Amy De Bhrun, Patrick Murphy, Peter Campion, Chelsea Debo, Dez McMahon, Natalia Kostrzewa, Frank Cannon, Tj O’Grady Peyton, Lesley Conroy, Tadhg Devery, Alan Moriarty, Keith Nolan, Amy W. Naves, Sandy Kennedy, and Laura Scanlon:

The Cured – They weren’t in control
Plot synopsis:
“The film unfolds in the aftermath of a devastating virus which transformed the infected into zombie-like monsters. Mankind is struggling to rebuild societies deeply divided between the uninfected and those who did succumb to the virus and are still haunted by their violent actions. In the backdrop, the rise of a terrorist movement threatens to plunge the world into chaos again.”

Do former zombies, people who have been cured, deserve forgiveness? What do you think?

No official release date yet.

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