Clip of The Head Hunter

The Head Hunter FilmWe’ve got our hands on a preview clip of The Head Hunter, the upcoming horror movie starring Christopher Rygh and Cora Kaufman:

The Head Hunter – Back home
Plot synopsis;
โ€œOn the outskirts of a kingdom, a quiet but fierce medieval warrior protects the realm from monsters and the occult. His gruesome collection of heads is missing only one โ€“ the monster that killed his daughter years ago. Driven by a thirst for revenge, he travels wild expanses on horseback, using sorcery to aid in his quest. When his second chance arrives, itโ€™s in a way far more horrifying than he ever imagined. A heartbreaking fairytale with a black soul, the film is constructed with very few elements, minimalistic and epic at the same time, where fantasy and horror find their more physical and gory incarnations.โ€

The Head Hunter is like a medieval Punisher on steroids who goes berserk!

The film is directed by Jordan Downey.

Release date: April 5, 2019 (in theaters).

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