Clip of Welcome to Acapulco

Welcome To Acapulco Film 2019We’ve got our hands on a preview clip of of Welcome to Acapulco, the upcoming action comedy movie directed by Guillermo Iván and starring William Baldwin, Michael Madsen, Bradley Gregg, Ana Serradilla, Michael Kingsbaker, Ana Layevska, Guillermo Iván, Zach Rose, Guillermo Garcia, Maria Elena Heredia, and Loris Curci:

Welcome to Acapulco – What good are you
Plot synopsis:
“When Matt Booth (Mike Kingsbaker) sets off to meet his fiance for a foreign wedding he couldn’t have imagined the dangerous world he was about to step into. Betrayed and set up, Matt finds himself on the run from the CIA and hired mercenaries, all looking for a package that he has supposedly smuggled through customs. Hunted on all sides, Matt is aided by Agent Adriana Vasquez (Ana Serradilla), a femme fatale with orders of her own to follow.”

Love the infinity pool and the view! Do you know the hotel’s name?

Anyway, there are also four new promo posters:

(Click on a poster to enlarge.)

Welcome To Acapulco Michael Kingsbaker Is Matt BoothWelcome To Acapulco Ana Serradilla Is AdrianaWelcome To Acapulco Michael Madsen Is HydeWelcome To Acapulco William Baldwin Is Drake Savage

Release date: March 12, 2019 (on digital and On Demand).

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