Clip of You Can Choose Your Family

You Can Choose Your FamilyWe’ve got our hands on a preview clip of You Can Choose Your Family, the upcoming comedy movie starring Jim Gaffigan, Logan Miller, Anna Gunn, Samantha Mathis, Alex Karpovsky, Hayes MacArthur, and Michelle Hurd:

You Can Choose Your Family – You did this for you.
Plot synopsis:
“Spring 1992. High school student Phillip longs to escape his small town for music school in New York City. But his overbearing father, Frank, forbids him from pursuing music as a career. In retaliation, Phillip sneaks away for a wild spring break with friends at a charming lakeside community. One day he spots his father there with another woman. Turns out Frank lives half the time with a secret second family. Philip realizes he can either stay silent and be complicit in his father’s deceit or blackmail his father into letting him attend his dream college. As he struggles with doing the right thing, Phillip becomes more entangled in Frank’s second family.”

Is your father or your mother running a double life? Are you sure?

The film is directed by Miranda Bailey.

No official release date yet.

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