2 Clips of Luis and the Aliens

Luis And The Aliens Film 2018We’ve got our hands on two preview clips of Luis and the Aliens, the upcoming CG animated movie written and directed by Christoph Lauenstein and Wolfgang Lauenstein and featuring the voices of Will Forte, Lea Thompson, Orlando Leyba, Joey Guila, and Callum Maloney:

Luis and the Aliens – Tour of Earth

Luis and the Aliens – Luis meet the aliens

Plot synopsis:
“With his father obsessed with finding proof of extra-terrestrial life, 12-year-old Luis does his best to take care of the house and lead a normal life. Unfortunately the neglect from his father drags Luis’ life down and he’s at risk of being taken away and sent off to a boarding school. When a group of three awkward aliens are drawn to Earth after watching too much of the home-shopping network they inevitably run into Luis. Feeling like he’s finally found a true family, Luis dedicates himself to helping them find their way home so he also can escape his own fate in this wild and wacky out-of-this-world adventure.”

Those gummy aliens are funny!

Release date:
– In theaters and on VOD: August 17th, 2018
– on DVD: September 4, 2018.

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