Cloverfield 2 Movie

Cloverfield II movie - Cloverfield SequelDuring the last WonderCon J.J. Abrams was asked about his intention regarding a possible movie sequel to Cloverfield. And to the fans’ pleasure he did confirm that he’s definitely working on something:

Cloverfield 2 Movie JJ Abrams

JJ Abrams talks about Cloverfield II

“We’re actually working on an idea right now… The key obviously at doing any kind of sequel, certainly this film included, is that it better not be a business decision. If you’re going to do something, it should be because you’re really inspired to do it. It doesn’t really have to mean anything, doesn’t mean it will work, but it means we did it because we cared, not because we thought we could get the bucks.

We have an idea that we thought was pretty cool that we’re playing with, which means there will be something that’s connected to Cloverfield, but I hope it happens sooner than later because the idea is pretty sweet.”

Producer J.J. Abrams
at the Star Trek panel at WonderCon 2009

It seems more and more unlikely that we will have a straight sequel. Looks like J.J Abrams and Matt Reeves have something really special in mind for Cloverfield 2. Abrams says that their idea is “pretty sweet” maybe just a teaser catch… But I believe they could deliver something like that with Cloverfield 2: Abrams and Reeves are both damn talented.

Any idea about what Cloverfield II should look like? Got any suggestion for Producer J.J. Abrams and Director Matt Reeves?

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  1. Carlos MunozCarlos Munoz

    In my opinion if you do decide to make a Cloverfield 2, you should explain a little more about the monster, were it came from, and were it goes at the end.

    You should also have a part were the viewers can have a more clear view on the monster.

  2. Alex Mendell

    I think you should include the giant monster from the Mist movie towards the end, and have your original Cloverfield creature fight it, in a battle over territory, and winner takes New York City.

    I also think you should make the camera more stable for Cloverfield 2, so you can tell what is going on this time.

  3. Roger S

    The sequel to Cloverfield will be very interesting. I don’t think it can be a straight sequel since JJ is quite the master of surprise.

  4. DeViLnoAnGeL InFo

    hope there will be the sequel of “Cloverfield 2” because everybody really wants to know what happens after Rob and Beth got bombed under the bridge.

  5. Emad Yhya

    yeah hope the same ” DeViLnoAnGeL InFo” because we don’t know what happened after the first Cloverfield movie.

  6. lilly

    I hope they make this. Man i loved it. I love finding viral videos when it’s about to start

    Cloverfield 2 can’t come soon enough! Come on JJ!

  7. shan

    hmmm, i think many factors have to be considered man. like what’s the time line? Is it like terminator where the fight lasts extremely long and minority are left. Or is it more like a straight away timeline from the first movie. And it has to conclude the monster dying, the first one already caused so many mix views, if the monster doesn’t die, bound to be public outrage…

  8. Tommy grosch

    hey jj and matt i was thinking when i saw the movie i was amazed by your filming and the movie idea but when i saw lily left in the in the helicopter and about 2 min or sec later hud looked to his left and i don’t know if lily died if no why won’t she be in the second one oh yeah and could the second one take place in new jersey because that would be a good one and if rob and Beth survived why not the beginning of Cloverfield 2 taking place where the 1st one left off and when they said help us. the camera shut off then the camera shuts on then it shows a bunch of army/air force/marines/navy are digging around then they find them then it turns on and rob and beth woke up and took the camera and started recording again? and you could think about the rest please this would be a good idea

  9. gino

    k, for some people posting wondering if they lived, i recommend one thing to you guys: stay through the credits when you go to the movies. it seems like these days, every movie has some form of bonus content after, and in Cloverfield’s case, it’s an audio clip you hear, in silence you all of a sudden hear rustling of rock, a little panting, and in a whispering voice “*pant* *pant* we’re alive! *pant* *pant”. so there’s your answer to that.

    and as for ideas for C2, i really don’t want to speculate, but the same movie, but from a military head-cam or something, having more inside details and stuff like that.

  10. gino

    sorry, correction, i misunderstood, but it amounts to the same thing. apparently, they say:
    “help us”
    “it’s still alive”
    so it’s up to interpretation if you think you heard another, either way, it means they’re alive if they can talk

  11. Marc Gardiner

    So Cloverfield was a great movie because they did not go into detail about the monster. It was more realistic that way, no one in New York would be worried about where the monster came from, they would just want to make it out alive. And about the “Monster” from The Mist and the monster from Cloverfield fighting over New York! I’m glad you don’t have control over the creative process, that is a stupid idea, this is not Godzilla vs Megagodzilla or something! This is a completely different style of movie and that’s what made it great. Oh and by the way Stephen King gives you clues in the Mist that there is more than one monster. I for one would be disappointed if J.J. Abrams revealed everything about the monster. Little clues like telling us it’s a baby and that it was in the ocean for thousands of years was enough for me. Ohhh and the camera stability, I agree cause i remember the last time I ran from a giant monster I at least took the time to stop and line up for a great shot! WTF are ya’ll stupid or something! That was the point of the camera it is a hand held camcorder it is not supposed to be stable. Let them do it they way they plan on doing it is they even plan on doing it!!!

  12. Stephanie

    I would love a 2nd cloverfield exactly from where it left off explaining what it is where it came from and where is it. Also for us easily prone to motion sickness please film it from a third person angle. i loved the movie but got so sick from watching it. thanks for a great movie!

  13. Darth Clover

    Anybody think that there’s a tie-in or crossover potential for a Cloverfield/Star Trek sequel flick.
    In the trailer for Star Trek a monster is shown in the snow with Captain Kirk that looks close to the Cloverfield monster.
    If the monster from Cloverfield was a baby, could it have been it’s mother or father?
    Star Trek’s plot centers around time travel (something about the Romulans changing history and thus creating a new version that will exist beyond the film with a new continuity launching from the old one of the Star Trek tv series…read it in a review on Ain’t It Cool News) and already a pic of a building for the evil company Tagurato has been spotted in the trailer.
    Perhaps there’s a moment on an alien planet in Star Trek and a chronal vortex or wormhole of some sort opens and sucks in a baby creature…
    …the same one from Cloverfield.
    Perhaps it came to Earth our time or in our past?
    Then a sequel could be a crossover that has the Enterprise Crew coming back to the present to stop the creature from possibly obliterating our world and their future.

  14. Marc Gardiner

    OMG!!! Leave it to them, no Star Trek tie in!!! Cloverfield is one movie Star Trek another leave them separate. I am not a Trek fan at all, in fact I hate it. But I might give this one a chance cause it’s Bad Robot. If there is a tie-in I will have lost all hope in the movie industry. And Stephanie read my last post, IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THAT WAY!!! If not it would have been another crappy Godzilla movie w/o Broderick.

  15. Brian Hayes

    I think if you do Cloverfield 2, the army’s point of view would be a cool point of view. Maybe over lap where in the first movie, you see the army and the original characters at the same time.

  16. alex

    they should put what happened to Lilly. And show where was the monster created or who created it. Put a big location on the new movie Cloverfield 2

  17. smokybacon

    In the first Cloverfield movie when the Brooklyn bridge collapses because of the tentacle the monster on land didn’t have any tentacles so I reckon there are 2 monsters.

  18. mike

    Cloverfield is the best movie ever! JJ and Matt are like the masters of movie making. I saw this when i was ten and i was siked. i was sad at the end but cool and alot of action in the middle and boring in the beginning. O and i also saw the egg thing at the end of the movie when rob and beth were on the ferris wheel. Let me just say IT WAS AWESOME!

  19. chi_chi

    some of these ideas for Cloverfield 2 are good. but the ones trying to combine movies that took place in a different city and year is just dumb.
    Anyway it would be nice if you could start off C2 in a military base. and at the beginning it say the tape was recovered in the park the C1 ended in , so it could be like soldiers or generals was watching. That’s just a starting point and the rest of the movie could go either way from there ..

  20. Austin

    hey you know if u combine both of the clips at the end Help us and its still alive you hear rob say I don’t want to live

  21. mike

    In order to keep it “epic” I think there still needs to be a huge element of either suspense or surprise…both might be even better.

    In other words, don’t answer everyone’s question. Instead give them something else that might take their attention away from the answers they want — suspense.
    If you do decide to answer people’s questions (where monster’s from, what happened to Rob & Beth & the monster) you should definitely throw a monkey wrench in to one of the answers or so to keep people guessing — surprise.

    I think unless the time line takes a major change, the next movie will be a huge deciding factor on what genre Cloverfield becomes. Will it be fantasy, horror, sci-fi? etc…

    I will suggest that a movie that takes place in the past…should definitely wait for at least another movie or even two after Cloverfield 2. The main reason being people need to be more interested before they care where it came from, etc.

    A great example of this is Star Wars. EPs 1-3 didn’t come out until after 4-6. People desperately needed 1-3 to come out before they actually did. So I think it might be a mistake to make Cloverfield 2 go back in time — unless it’s very well done.

    I hope this helps and if not, at least puts in to perspective the “epic” aspect of what it very easily could be.

  22. Enszo Roussety

    J.J Abrams is the best. What makes of him the best is that you just cant even guest out his mind. I hate guessing movies. The movies are so unpredictable. Cloverfield is perfect enough. The mystery is gold here. I think this should be kept secret in Cloverfield 2. I mean we all get out of the movies asking the same question…what the hell is that? With loads of answers. What about keeping us guessing until the 3rd part of Cloverfield? The Army couldnt kill the monster in the 1st why should they be able to kill em in the 2nd?The idea of the soldier’s point of view in great. But please… dont be rediculous… both actors under that bridge should die…no revenge not even for lily. Its a war that human shouldnt win. At last one they couldnt win. It wont make great sense if those military stuffs they used on it in the 1st couldnt kill it and that you would come out with same stuffs and be able to kill it right now. And dont make that mistake of War of the worlds when the creatures died on their own. Dont make same mistake as Mr S.S.
    You have the imagination and the ability to keep us guessing… just like you did to us when producing LOST. Keep it up!!!

  23. Phil

    I think that the spawns from the monster should grow and take out the rest of the world. That would be a little far fetched, but this shouldn’t be religiously related. WHO’S WITH ME?! Donuts are awesome. So are blobs.

  24. Zer0S1gnal

    I used my dvd player and zoomed in at the end when the camera shot is overlooking the ocean. You can see something clearly falling from the sky, which who really knows what it is? Could be a satellite, could be a capsule of some sort? That is the coolest part of the movie because you can’t see it (or at least I couldn’t) without zooming in. As for not getting enough of the monster. I agree, however, you do get a lot of the monster. You see bits and pieces of it in certain angles, but you never get the whole thing. Then Hud taking one for the team, you get an awesome shot of the monster, but for some reason, it was like eating food with empty calories. You just never got full. Personally, I think that was spot on the way it was created. I mean look, we all want seconds. I have never listened to the very end, so I plan on it when I get home to watch it again, but that adds even more to it. The pace of the movie was very well done. The story was simple yet exciting. This was the first movie in years that I felt I got my moneys worth, both in the theater and on dvd. The shaky camera I thought was very well done and added to the effect, however in the sequel I feel it should be more story with straight shots. The idea of the military viewing it and taking of from that point would be a good start. Maybe they got to Rob and Beth too late, and they died ultimately from wounds. I don’t think the military would go looking for wounded at this point. Just my (long) 2 cents.

  25. Bryan

    I’ve read on plenty of websites that it’s going to be another first person point of view movie and it might take place while Rob Lily and all them were in the subway. Maybe like the millitary’s point of view

  26. Morgan

    I think the best thing to do would be to leave the old characters behind and start with a new camera crew. Maybe like a squad of soldiers with helmet cams? That way you could get more angles and capture more of the action. I just realized that many others have also had this idea). Or how about a news crew that was filming from a chopper that gets downed and then they have to escape the path of the monster.
    Since people are so tied to the characters from the first one, you could have a brief cameo where Rob and Beth are seen being rolled out on stretchers, maybe Lily is with them?
    As much as I liked Rob and Beth, I don’t think they’d be in any shape to run again, and the military wouldn’t likely find them and then not evacuate them.
    Whatever JJ decides, I’m fully onboard (even if they just decide to do the Slusho story). Get to work on it already!

    May 4, 2009 at 6:42 am

    In the first Cloverfield movie when the Brooklyn bridge collapses because of the tentacle the monster on land didn’t have any tentacles so I reckon there are 2 monsters.

    Uh, I’m pretty sure the tentacle-thing you’re referring to was it’s tail. There is nothing else that would lead us to believe there were two monsters.

  27. Jacob

    I think you guys should have the monster and a new one fight,like Godzilla raids again,where he defeats the other and marches on to wherever.I think what would be an important thing to the movie is a fight mostly though,and at least put an almost full body view of him,maybe make it a little more clear,so we can see most of his details,but still keep it a mystery.I think also that his origins should be explained a little more thouroughly,but keep it to a minimum to still hide most of its past from people.

  28. NJ1

    as long there no DAM camcorder this time.

    2nd movie would be hot. Again it would be wise not to use a shaky cam this time.
    we need to see the film in great detail CGI, etc.

    the more action the better. i’m talking about all out war with the beast. gets to burring talking. we want blood, rage, fire fights, etc. the REAL DEAL.

  29. Andrew

    if they are going to make a sequel, they should make a part where the main character and his girlfriend wake up in the hospital and the camera is filming them. Then the next day you hear a giant roar, he turns and says, “what was that?” then you see the monster’s hand crash through the window and destroys everything in that room. Then there’s debris all over the door, and its wedged and wont budge. So they jump of the balcony to the floor below them and they see other people, he says he will help him, so they take the elevator and the monster crashes again through the wall, the strip wire brakes and they drop, luckily the was another elevator and they crash into it. someone kicks the door down ad the manage to get out…

    thats all i have for right now. tell me if you like my idea! :)

  30. joe

    Absolutely loved Cloverfield! I think the obvious choice for a second movie would be to re-tell the same story from a standard movie point of view. The movie would be able to show much more detail and background about the monster(s) and would not need to stick to the same characters as before. Following someone in the Military connected to the situation. Just my 2 cents. I’ll Give J.J. and his pals my 10.00 to see what they come up with.

    Side Note : We need to ALL go see Star Trek again and again to help it get to 300 Million Domestic Box Office. The more he gets, the more he’ll give.

  31. Tony

    I think that you should make the movie from a different person’s point of view. maybe a military person? someone that would have a completely different view of the same exact incident. Maybe these two people would run into each other? I think that would be a good idea and I think that there should definitely be a sequel because the first movie was awesome!


    I think they should team up with toho and make Godzilla vs. CLOVERFIELD

  33. Richard

    I would love a second Cloverfield movie, but here are some ideas that I would suggest:
    -Make the camera movement slightly still at some points
    -Have multiple Cloverfield monsters because those parasite spider things are baby versions, should be grown into a huge monster now
    -Have the monsters having one city each to attack
    -Show just a bit of how the military found Rob’s video camera, and probably show Rob and Beth’s bodies, dead or alive

  34. Samuel Kessler

    i thought cloverfield was awesome in all aspects, so any chance of a sequel would be just ducky

  35. drew

    Cloverfield was amazing, I think Cloverfield 2should be through the eyes of the military or news choppers watching the military unload on the beast, or even better both point of views. And definitely not a star trek or Godzilla taking on whatever, boring! Although you would probably make it interesting.

  36. jackson

    i think the monster should fight zilla.

  37. elson1986

    this time, another camera but held by the soldiers, so more action

  38. Big

    Ok so it’s unanimous, the shakey camera things gotta go!

    I agree as well… maybe there could be a few short intercut scenes where some survivors of the city who escaped early on showing some footage from their hand helds, or some military footage taken from helo’s. But the majority of the film should have the traditional sequel style.

    How about bringing back the 98 American Zilla(aka creature from a 1000 phathoms) for a fun fight of giant lizard vs giant frog lol.

  39. you dumbasses

    Some of you people should not watch a creative movie ever ever ever ever again because you don’t understand the aspects. Shaky camera = more realistic. I found it perfect the way it was. “Have multiple Cloverfield monsters because those parasite spider things are baby versions, should be grown into a huge monster now” uhhh the movies take place RIGHT after another (probably, if this is what you’re implying) so by “NOW” it will only BE 7 hours after the monster attacks.

  40. Balrog

    Here’s my 2 cents. I like the idea of Clover vs Someone else. Clover 2 should take place a few weeks after the original. Clover survived the Hammer Down, but the military has been able to bring in more forces and keep it contained in Manhattan. Then the government could be seen discussing options on how to deal wih Clover. A more sustained Hammerdown, keeping it contained and hoping it starves, or even nukeing it. Those options are put aside in favor of a fourth option, bringing in another monster. The only hope against the latest monster to attack New York is the first monster to attack New York: King Kong vs Cloverfield, a real New York City Street Fight.

  41. Darth Clover

    I don’t remember where, possibly one of the Cloverfield sites, that Abrams said that the second flick will be through the point of view of a camera like the first one, but they’d find a different way to do this.
    One person, I remember speculated on this moment in the first flick on the Brooklyn Bridge. When Hud has the camera and Rob gets a call from Beth on his cell phone. Hud (for a moment) turns the camera to this random guy who also has a camera pointed directly at him, then they both turn away at the same time (check it out and watch for it, it’s there…a blink and you’ll miss it moment). This person’s speculation was that we’d see the same night’s events through the eyes of a new set of characters trying to get away from the monster in the sequel.

    Now, I don’t see how that would be any different like Abrams suggested.
    The thing that interests me is the point of view through the camera of a soldier’s helmet.
    Imagine what it’d be like to have that soldier get killed off at one point in the movie and someone else picks up the helmet and carries it through the flick. Kind of like playing hot potato with the point of view. And I think it would be cool to see it on the same night, but would love it if it were to pick up after the events of the first flick. Perhaps the monster didn’t die and they have to nuke it.
    Would a nuke affect it? If so, what’s to prevent another (or more) come down from space, if indeed that is where it’s from.


  42. addloser182

    all of you are dumb…
    the parasites ARE NOT baby versions of clover
    so imagine its mother or father
    because if any of you read the manga
    you would know there ARE MULTIPLE MONSTERS

  43. colton

    if a sequel is to be made the best idea would be to have the military place a tracking device on the creature and follow it back to its home. conflicts the team of around 8-12 should include a variety of races and religion (perhaps soldiers from iraq reassigned) when they get there they should discover something really wrong with how they view the “monster” as many have said “…it is just a baby…” i think it would be better as a guardian of a nest maybe even a mother…

  44. KDavidH

    I’ve always thought, especially with the Slusho backstories and everything, that there are so many “other” stories that could be told as either a prequel or possible suppliment to the original film.

    My thought was to continue the “monster movie” style but in an even more traditional sense. I mean old school. Abrams likes the classic stuff (spies and whatnot), and Giacchino already gave us a 50’s-esque theme over the end credits, why not make a throwback sci-fi film. Think of the best ones, “Incredible Shrinking Man”, “Day The Earth Stood Still”, “The Blob”, etc. The story could follow the passionate doctor, his lovely lab assistant, some military dudes, and whoever else as they try to understand/stop this monster (save the military. all they ever do is get in the way, lol). This would all take place just before, during, and shortly after the ending of the original movie. Some of the original cast could cross paths with this new cast (like revisiting the scene where the girl went kabloowie or they’re on the same street at the same time…) It could be shot, scored, and edited more traditionally and, again, carry a 50’s-esque flavor to it.

    If J.J. Abrams could bring reinvent the classic spy thriller with modern style (Alias), he could definitely do the same with the classic monster-movie.

  45. alex

    ok i thought the first one was perfect it kept you in suspense waiting to see the monster, i felt like i was with them experiencing the whole thing right beside them. i dont know if im right but, i think the focus is more about the reaction of the people running away from the monster rather than watching the monster destroy NYC which is what made the movie so good

  46. Zay

    the movie was more about the reactions of average people getting thrown into surreal and terrible circumstance. NOT about the monster. its probably why you barely see it. so a giant monster fight or military battle would probably be a terrible idea. also i think that the whole monster story was used to experiment with the shaky cam. i mean with this in mind, these guys obviously didn’t come into this movie like “hey, lets make us some money.”
    as for a sequel maybe a soldier’s reaction to what’s happening would be good. maybe another citizen of new york. or even lily’s
    reaction to being separated from her friends and the growing danger.

  47. alberto

    yeah i think godzilla needs to come back in a rated r movie cause pg13 movies s**k man

  48. ani

    it should be like REC 2

  49. ryanMX

    Basically it should be called Cloverfield: Evidence 2 where it has a different group of people taping it and this time they get further and learn more about what’s happening and maybe even survive and then they can learn about everything. Or they could die so there’s Cloverfield 3!

  50. fredi g

    I just watched Cloverfield again for the umpteenth time and. I still enjoy it! It would be great to see what happens next, especially with Rob, Beth, and Lil as well. I totally agree with comments left about picking up from the bridge scene and somewhere along the way get Lil back in the picture. Go for it, JJ! DO IT! Cloverfield 2 is a must!

  51. StevyP

    Yeah the military idea is great. After I saw the film I thought a sequel with a military point of view would be great. More action as they are actively hunting the monster. We’d therefore see more of it and perhaps we’d learn a little more about it in the process. Who’s to say it would be from just one point of view. Judging from the start of the film there seems to be some sort of investigation going on into what remains of NY. A multiple points of view thing compiled by the military for the purpose of intel to kill it (or the several monsters) could prove interesting. There’s a lot of room for cross referencing between groups in the first film and that makes it quite exciting.

  52. Somesmartguyy

    Okay first the shaky cam is for realism to scare people even more and cloverfield vs godzila is retarded as for the view I’m thinking maybe show clovers view somehow really get to know it so you can see the oil tanker and before just my opinion

  53. Jacob

    Ok,aside from my first comment,Ive thought it over a little,I Don’t mind how it will be filmed,but I think Clover needs to fight a completely new monster,and Im mean completely new,not Kong,not Godzilla,NOT GINO,but a new,original monster,and it could be a good idea for the movie to take place,not right after the first,but atleast 14 hours after the first attack,and the monster is currently hiding from the military,and in the meantime,a new terror has surfaced,another creature attacks,and when clover comes out from hiding,the monster cross paths and duke it out.

  54. Chelsea

    I love the first movie, especially the way you directed it. Its sort of like a “home movie” view. You should keep how you directed it, (the format or what ever its called, i dunno anything about that XD)

    Im going to rent it and watch it again! ^o^

  55. kevin kevin

    So the dark castle series and m night shamlayan movies all intertwine with cloverfield. For example the dark castle series is based on two earths with one in a parallel dimension where a company opens a portal from another dimension which effects both worlds and that the monsters in Lady in the Water, The Mist, and Cloverfield are all from the same dimension and it messes up both worlds. Each movie plays off of each other with the creatures. and i have to read more but it was pretty interesting.

  56. Jacob Howell

    Someone might;ve already said this..idk but i think in the sequal it just should be filmed the same way but from someone on a different side of the city who wanted to show people what happened just like Hud did. But this time we might learn/see/hear more about the monster..the fun about this movie is that noone really knows WHAT it is and that element should b kept in the sequal..

    people are saying all this stuff about Slusho company and some japanese company having something to do with the monster…where are you hearing interests me.

  57. Kenneth Coleman

    The real monsters in the movie are those ugly things that fell from the large monster. One of the characters said that it was trying to drag him away. Something tell me the sequel will deal with that aspect of the movie. Why do the bite victims explode as presented by the dead guy they wheeled in on the gurney and the girl who exploded shadow stile before us? Where were the creators trying to drag that guy, back to the larger creature or were they trying to drag him to some place else to create something new? To me Cloverfield 1 is first full length movie that looks like a preview and serves as a preview and that is good.

  58. Rhuen

    1: shaky camera has to go. nice and artistic once, but not twice.

    2: Do not have it “vs” anything. King Kong is too small, Zilla too corny, Godzilla way too big and powerful.

    3: To everyone refering to the spider-things as spawns, they’re not spawns, their parasites, as in they were covering the larger monster like fleas on a dog. This is something rarely used in giant monster movie, so rare that its a shame that not many others realized that they were monster parasites. Only other good example is the monster sea lice that came off of Godzilla in Godzilla 1985 and some of the Godzilla comics.

    4: a sequal requires some back story, it was nice the first was original, the point of view of the people being stepped on rather than the military and scientists fighting it like you see in all other giant monster movies, but this tradition could use some time in a sequal.

  59. Jacob

    Reply to the above comment, it doesn’t have to be those monsters, it could be an entirely new one, I’m really looking forward to a DIRECT sequel, and one that deals with two monsters.

  60. Meeep


    2 monsters is literally the worst idea ive ever heard. it would RUIN a movie that has a good chance. if they make this anything even resembling a clover vs anything—i most certainly wont go see it, and i can guarantee it flops and fails miserably. no one wants that. except you evidently.

    id be perfectly happy and entertained if they had the same idea, and used a different camera. any number of given people would be recording on a typical night in NYC. give me one of their cameras…i dont even need answers. and it should most definite stay in the filming style as is.

  61. Alejandro Wong

    this may have been said before in the other comments but here’s what i think cloverfield 2 should be like:

    The plot should start off with military offcials just finishing the tape and noting the falling object on coney island. Patches of the human resistance are living deep underground and one is lead by some minor characters from the first movie. The entire planet is dominated by the monsters, as well as those smaller arthropods which populate the sewers–the resistance is living under the sewers. Throughout the story, hints of the monsters’ origins are slowly revealed, and rob and beth are found out to be alive, leading a smaller resistance group

    instead of a video camera, you can make it so that you are seeing from the protagonist’s point of view during the movie–that way you can get a better view of the action but still retain the filming style

  62. vraymar

    “Ohhh and the camera stability, I agree cause i remember the last time I ran from a giant monster I at least took the time to stop and line up for a great shot! WTF are ya’ll stupid or something!”

    Actually, if that is your point of view, there would be no camera at all. You must be really, REALLY stupid to film something like that no matter how lously, instead of getting alive with all your mind & body on it.

  63. Jinky

    I watched the special features of the movie “Cloverfield”, and they said that the monster was a “baby” that was lost. However, in the movie, there wasn’t really any indication of that. But I thought that would make a terrific segue for the 2nd movie, where the monster’s “mom” (or dad) would come looking for it, wreaking havoc along the way.

  64. Willie L. Calvert

    One idea would be to stop using a stupid cam corder.The monster was never showed hardly at all .Who wants to pay ten bucks for a movie thats hard to see the attacker and doesnt make sense.

  65. reena verma

    I watched the special features of the movie “Cloverfield”, and they said that the monster was a “baby” that was lost.

  66. skyy

    At the very end, after the credits are done rolling you hear talking on the video tape and rustling sounds…who knows WHERE JJ will take things!! DEF hoping they’re gonna put out a sequel! I’ve been waiting forevs!

  67. Mark

    I think The Cloverfield Monster should be revealed as The Beast of Revelations if not, The Great Dragon Satan who was cast down to earth bringing great wrath and fury knowing his time is short, remember how Rob called on the name of Jesus when The Monster attacked the helicopter apologizing to Jesus for being a sinner and never thinking about him until trouble arrived.. This movie should have a religious based overtone. It only makes sense..

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