Coraline Movie Trailer

Coraline Movie - Be careful what you wish for!

Henry Selick, the king of stop motion who once brought us The Nightmare Before Christmas, has been busy working on Coraline, the movie adaptation of a novel of the same name by Neil Gaiman. The film awesomely combines stop motion with CGI: and the result is incredibly appealing!

Let’s watch this new official Coraline trailer:

Coraline Full Length Trailer

Coraline: My mother does not have bu… bu… button
Spooky Mother: I am your other mother!


Coraline, by opening a small door in her room, is going to discover a strange new parallel world in which her mother isn’t exactly herself!

I love the twisted kitten we may see in this Coraline movie trailer!

3 Responses - “Coraline Movie Trailer”

  1. Pamie Reagan

    I have checked the cool teaser trailer that has the tumbler you put the key code into and its not there anymore… anyone know why? it was so cool!
    I wanted to check it out that I now there is more key codes to use…I only figured out one: buttoneyes

  2. Teaser Trailer

    Actually the codes are already listed: –> Coraline Codes

  3. Lisa

    loved the movie=]