Cowboy Bebop Live Action

Cowboy Bebop Live Action MovieThe live action Cowboy Bebop movie starring Keanu Reeves is still planned, but it’s currently undergoing some rewrite:

I hope they will respect the original feel of the Cowboy Bebop series and won’t transform it into a pile of cow dung like they did with the DB movie…

15 Responses - “Cowboy Bebop Live Action”

  1. xino

    that pic of Neo, does really look like the Cowboy Bebop guy O_o

  2. Cody McManus

    fox just needs to give em the half billion so they can make the best movie ever and that movie should rightfully be cowboy bebop

  3. Spike Spiegel

    A script re-write means everything good about it is now being tossed out the window….

  4. Jono

    How could this movie require half a billion dollars? That’s twice as much as Avatar! I call B.S. Keanu :/

  5. William Kidd

    i totally agree with cody on this one if you want a good movie you have to spend money theres no way around it and i really don’t want to see them mess up my favorite show

  6. Allie

    I’m quite faithful that they’re in good hands, even if we do have Keanu. The thing is, Keanu’s really not that bad of an actor, he’s just had a lot of really bad directors that haven’t given him good advice and haven’t gotten on his back and told him to show emotion. Since Watanabe-san is one of the executive producers, you can bet that he’s going to have A LOT of say in what goes on, and will be constantly hounding Keanu to fill out Spike’s character well.

    I mean, come on, this is practically the same reaction Michael Keaton got when he was cast as Batman, and look how that movie turned out, i.e. of of the best movies of all time

  7. therealspyk

    i just hope they keep the motif of good music in this, if you are a fan of cowboy bebop than you know music is one of the biggest aspects of this series

  8. SYN

    They should cast Zachary Levi for Spike, he is an awesome actor and he actually looks like Spike. Keanu is nothing like Spike, and in my opinion not that great an actor. He literally has no emotion on screen.

    Check out Chuck on NBC that guy is perfect watch the season 3 finale.

  9. Ashlee

    i have high hopes. i love the show. and i really hope they use the seatbelts as the main music. it wouldn’t be cowboy bebop without them. other than that..we as the audience can only sit back and let them do what they will to the movie.

  10. mike

    i really hope they keep the same music from the original show. yokko kano really helped make the show amazing

  11. Timmy

    Cowboy Bebop was boring and overrated. The movie will probably be worse…

  12. The Stig

    Ok, first of all Cowboy Bebop is awesome and if you don’t like it, don’t write about it moron. Secondly, Reeves is a great actor. He always plays a cool, lazy, slightly air-headed character who kicks ass when he needs to. Sounds exactly like Spike to me. I think he’s perfect for Spike. As for the half a billion dollar amount, I can see how people think it’s going to s**k since they didn’t get their budget, but look at it this way, the most epic space movie out (as far as CGI is concerned) is the new Star Trek which cost only $150 million. And Revenge of the Sith, which s**ked, cost $113 million. So I’m assuming Reeves hyped up the script and exposure since, well that’s his job! Also I bet most of the action sequences the writer had in mind are not CGI. Nowadays, actual explosions costs a lot more than the amount of a digital one. If they even get $90 million, the movie is gonna rock!

  13. scott

    There were alot of things that made Cowboy Bebop one of the greatest Animes ever. It was unlike any anime of its time. The music was original and full of cool. The characters were great! The storyline and side plots were engaging and wildly entertaining! It wasn’t a typical Japenese animie in that it had a distinct american feel to the characters and dialouge. I hope they give this movie the budget it rightfully deserves, otherwise leave a masterpiece of anime alone. I mean my momma always said if your gonna do something, do it right the first time. It will be a shame if they screw this up! Go big or go home!

  14. Devon Terry

    But they probably will turn it into a pile of dung.

  15. tony vitilio

    For one spike is 27.. how fckn old is Reeves now?
    For two the sleeves aren’t cupped and the collar isn’t popped..
    They’re already fckn up key details.. if the director isnt a legit fan of the show he’s just gonna destroy the chances of a GOOD live action remake.. some other idiot already fckd up dbz and dbz is one of my all time favorite series but if they fuck up cowboy bebop there will be hell to pay.. if they’re nor gonna stay true to the show then they should’ve sold the movie rights to someone who will.. I will be fckn furious if they screw up debatably the best anime ever made..