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Creation MovieCreation is a biopic movie telling the life of Charles Darwin, the famous British scientist who wrote the revolutionary book “The Origin of Species”. The movie Creation is focusing on the impact of the book he was writing on Charles Darwin’s personal life. The film is directed by Jon Amiel and is starring Paul Bettany as Darwin, and the beautiful Jennifer Connelly as his wife Emma. The movie will be released on September 25, 2009 in the UK but no official US release date yet.

Watch below the movie trailer of Creation:


His book was the most explosive in History.

It would change the world!

And test everything he loved…

“English naturalist Charles Darwin struggles to find a balance between his revolutionary theories on evolution and the relationship with religious wife, whose faith contradicts his work.”

Rather than the end of God, I’d say that Darwin’s book proved that the Bible and its likes (Talmud, Koran and so on…) aren’t the absolute truth. Creationism is clearly bullshit, but unfortunately it’s still kicking and alive, especially in the USA… May God save us from those stupid creationist bigots!

Anyway, for once, I’ll go watch this film with my mother in law (she’s an annoying creationist…)! I’ll be damn glad to see her frowning while watching the movie Creation.

By the way the movie could be retitled Origin in the USA according to IMDB, it’s probably to try to deflect criticism from the Creationist lobby…

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  1. brian

    i am one to listen to both sides, honestly, i’ve never thought that creationists or anti-creationists should be silenced. because nobody has the right to censor things like that. surprisingly, i have discovered through my own research that the kind of mass manipulation that secularists accuse christianity of causing, was then repeated by the secularists to the nth degree. the opponents of creationism have, in a very dictatorial way, been censoring anybody whose research and experimentation found darwin’s theories to not be completely accurate, and some of the things darwin believed have been proven to be false, via the scientific method, the foundation of all scientific study. the principles of science are not so much a key factor, so much as the authorities in our country want to emulate freedom by making us think they are giving us the full spectrum of knowledge in school, while at the same time they are actually taking freedoms away. it is a hypocrisy at a grand scale level. while certain areas in the “bible belt” which is not honestly a place i would want to live, still supposedly endorse creationism, a great deal of the USA simply refuses to listen to any argument towards intelligent design, not for reasons of it having been explicitly disproven, but for the reason of supposed “guilt by association.” many times, christians and catholics (who protestants dont agree with) alike, have misinterpretted the bible. but keep in mind, the bible was translated from a dead language, which was a long and difficult process, and thus hard to transpose effectively to english. therefor, many people looked at the words, and to effect, “saw what they wanted to see.” i am not anti-christian, i am not anti-anti-christian. i am, though, as much as i hate to be completely “anti” towards any establishment, a little bit repulsed by the idea of anyone ridiculing the beliefs of another.
    perhaps, there is a exponential build up of anger towards the biblical crowd, because many members of those crowd took it upon themselves to force their beliefs down the unwilling throats of people whom those beliefs seemed to antagonize… (i.e. gays like myself, muslims, abortionists) and i’m aware that those self-righteous individuals, who i have also dealt with myself, have a reputation of refusing apology.
    but honestly, the scripture that they claim to represent, opposes this kind of hostility…
    and maybe if they stopped acting so hostile, the views of the more judicial and brilliant minds belonging to the creationist crowd would get a fair listen, instead of being blacklisted by the scientific and journalism community.
    there has indeed been a lot of cover up. that is the irony of this country. at times, our freedom has been sythesized by our superiors, so as if to cause to think that freedom was granted to us by ourself, when really, we’ve been absorbing things that were spoonfed to us all along, when that’s the exact thing we thought we were avoiding.

  2. Kathy Roger Gordon

    This is censorship… why won’t our movie theaters show this movie?… this is outrageous!

  3. Simian

    Brian is a F#@#$@!#$@#$ moron. Must have been watching a certain Ben Stein movie…