Creation Poster

Creation is a movie about Charles Darwin (Paul Bettany) and how his enlightened theory impacted his family life. Here’s a new poster of Creation featuring Darwin’s wife (Jennifer Connelly):

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Jennifer Connelly - Creation

Love evolves.

“English naturalist Charles Darwin, the author of The Origin of the Species, struggles to find a balance between his revolutionary theories on evolution and his relationship with his religious wife, whose faith contradicts his work.”

Jennifer Connelly is a wonderful actress. Lucky Paul Bettany who’s also her husband in real life!

2 Responses - “Creation Poster”

  1. pipova

    Bullshit movie! Darwin on his death bed admitted he believed in God.
    Thats what they dont tell.. Fact is that his theory is theory and nothing more than that. Its stupid to consider life in the beginning starts spontaneous without any reason. Its has scientifically the same assumability as having an ape spontaneous type the bible.

    Get real people!

  2. dinodon1

    Pipova, the theory stands on evidence, not on what Darwin believed. Not only is the “Darwin recanted to Lady Hope” story false (Lady Hope never visited Darwin), but if he did it wouldn’t have changed the support of the theory. Unlike religion, science does not need someone to believe in it for it to work.
    I don’t understand why you need life to have a reason… do you want to feel more special than you are?
    A ‘theory’ is a well-supported observational model, not a guess. Get it right. A ‘theory’ is the highest level of support in science; there is a ‘Theory of Gravity’ and a ‘Theory of Heliocentrism’, but no one honestly thinks that gravity is a myth or that the Sun orbits the Earth. Come on! Even five minutes of research would help you understand the ignorance of your claims (and do try to refute that statement).