Creed 2 Movie – The sequel to Creed

We may expect a sequel to Creed, the latest Rocky spin-off. yep, there are talks of a Creed 2 movie. Actor Michael B. Jordan would be ready to reprise his role as Boxer Adonis Johnson. Not sure Director Ryan Coogler who helmed and co-wrote the first film will return though. He’s set to helm Marvel’s Black Panther and is rather busy.

Actor Sylvester Stallone hinted that the sequel could involve extended flashback scenes so they may bring Adonis’ father back to life. But there’s nothing set in stone yet.

Do you have any suggestion regarding the plot of Creed 2? Share your thoughts below, if lucky, they could drop by here and pick up your idea.

Anyway, stay tuned with us for more details about the movie Creed 2!

14 Responses - “Creed 2 Movie – The sequel to Creed”

  1. Tony Cruz

    Would love to see a match between the guy he lost to in ring at beginning of movie, at the same time afterwards have a rematch with the champ again. He somehow gets an early release. Rocky is still sick as well and has to deal with Rock’s death during his training to fight the champ. Somehow his family helps him train.

    • Jason

      @Tony Cruz: It would also be cool if Wood Harris (Trainer that Adonis was talking to in the Delphi Gym in the beginning of the movie) left Wheeler’s (guy Adonis lost to in the beginning) camp and joined Rocky and Adonis as a trainer to help him defeat Wheeler.

  2. David

    Creed fights Ivan Drago’s son.

  3. hashim boss

    Creed is not really dead but in an institution due to brain damage. However due to his son fighting it has sparked some chemical in balance which stimulates and regenerates his brain cells to allow him to function of course with modern science. The motivation of rocky beating cancer and creed together training creed son is unstoppable!

  4. Nickolas keith

    Hey there should definitely be a Creed 2 because the first one was awesome Creed needs to have more fights and become a legend then get married and have kids and teach his son to fight and daughter go fight also then they enter highschool and college tournaments then be Creed 3 with the kids of Creed taking over that would be awesome but I’m gonna tell you that Creed is probably the best movie I’ve seen in a long time. Thank you

  5. Tina power

    Adonis fights the son of Ivan the guy that killed his father

    • James Exon

      @Tina: That is a good idea, and it would give an opportunity for Dolph Lundgren to make an appearance too.

      If Sylvester Stallone had put a ‘seedling’ of that plot in ‘Creed’ that will have ‘futureproofed’ a forthcoming sequel and storyline.

  6. Russell adams

    I think it would be exiting if there were a rematch with the same guy for part2,i also think johnson should continue using his fathers name creed. They could also throw in a real life boxer sitting at front row as a advisor in part 2.i think for pt 2 they should also show rockys son showing more interest in his father this time around if u know what i mean.

  7. James Exon

    I thought ‘Creed’ was a great spin off movie. Why make a sequel at all?

  8. Hollywood Donnie

    First of all Rocky and Maryanne have to meet with Donnie’s help. Maryanne needs closure and a talk with Rocky about Adonis future. Once this is accomplished Adonis will start seeing his dream come true. Next Adonis needs to meet his older brother and sister to form a family bond. Of course Bianca will be present during these reunions and will see her career take-off at the same time. Finally Lil Duke will have to respect Adonis as a big-time fighter and come to his camp and motivate Donnie like his dad use to for Apollo and Rocky. From here the sky is the limit. Fantastic movie and I anticipate more great films in the future. I need a cheeesesteak. lol

  9. Hollywood Donnie

    Wanna be at Creed 2 Premiere with Padman and Stitch and Amir.

  10. TonyTheTiger

    I’m a die hard Rocky fan for life & love they did Creed which was awesome. I would love to see Creed II, III, IV, V, etc. But the Rocky character accomplished to have everyone love Adonis Creed, However Rocky need to die in order for the Creed franchise to create it’s own legacy of films that will always be loved & remembered as all the previous Rocky films. Rocky dies due to losing his battle with cancer and also Bianca needs to loose her hearing & become deaf. This will be devastating for Adonis & truly show if he can persevere & triumph with life. Rocky did say “no one hits harder then life ……” and it will be the story telling of Adonis that will make these films great. Finally Lake Wood is a great actor that can be crucial as the Duke’s son character. Rocky before dying can reach out to him & express to him what his dad meant not only to Apollo, but to himself as well. Lil Duke comes to Adonis when he is at rock bottom and brings him out of it, similar with how Apollo did so for Rocky. These are just ideas I feel can be great. However the right fighters Adonis goes up against must be equally as important with their involvement with Adonis, not only in the ring while boxing them, but as well outside the ring with how it directly effects him emotionally & mentally leading up until the fight. …… Last thing. Never Ever kill the Rocky theme music. That if anything should remain due to how it always makes your hairs stand up and get this adrenaline rush when it begins playing. No matter how many times I seen every Rocky film, the theme music itself never fails to move me. Exactly just the way it did when it was played for the final round when Creed fought Coglan.

  11. Michael

    Great to read all the above ideas from fans equally as passionate about the Rocky series as I am. Although I’m not a fan of Adonis fighting Drago’s son since that seems campy to me, I am intrigued by having Adonis somehow meet Drago himself in a dramatic scene where they discuss Apollo’s death. I’m willing to bet Coogler or another solid director could inspire some solid acting out of Dolph and surprise the hell out of a lot of people. Maybe Dolph helps train Adonis? Thoughts?