Dakota Fanning as Jane in New Moon

Dakota Fanning as Jane in New MoonAcclaimed actress Dakota Fanning has officially joined the cast and will play the Volturi Jane in the Twilight Saga New Moon. The rumor was online since a long, but nice to have an official confirmation from Summit Entertainment.

In the universe of Twilight, the Volturi are like law enforcers among the Vampires: they are much respected, end even feared because of their mind control tricks

So Dakota Fanning will play the role of Jane, one of the prize members of the Volturi Guard and one of their highest ranking guards, a sadistic person and a pet of Aro a former Volturi leader. She seems rather bitter and easily justifies inflicting pain on anyone with her power. Jane has a twin brother named Alec and they both reside in Volterra, Italy.

Here below an interview of Dakota Fanning about her role as Jane (it was made just before she was confirmed for the role):

Good that they chose Dakota Fanning: I think that this young-but-well-experienced actress is a nice addition to the cast of this New Moon movie.

Here’s a first look at Dakota Fanning as Jane:

(Click on the picture to enlarge it.)

Dakota Fanning - new Moon

A new picture:

Dakota Fanning is Jane in Twilight 2 New Moon

And here’s an interview of Dakota Fanning about her role as Jane in Twilight New Moon:


28 Responses - “Dakota Fanning as Jane in New Moon”

  1. paolo

    awesome news. i think she’ll do great playing Jane.

  2. Asia

    I can’t wait to see new moon in November. I think that Dakota will be really good at being Jane.

  3. ami

    No way that she can play Jane!

  4. danielle

    OMG I like that Dakota is playing Jane, but I think she would do better if she played the young vampire Bree that is in eclipse, the one Jane kills…

    well that’s just me,but i still think she will do good on that part she is an awesome actress!

  5. megan

    I can’t believe this. The Charlotte’s Web character is playing a evil vampire! I think Dakota is too sweet and innocent for this part. Jane should be played by a more adult actor. Someone scary and intimidating. Dakota isn’t going to cut it.

  6. wakatua

    i think Jodelle Ferland is better than Dakota for Jane of Volturi

  7. Coaco

    ummm….. she is an excellent actress and i have faith in her but she might not be good enough for jane because jane’s supposed to be a bitch! lol

  8. KBLynne

    I think she’ll do well. I was a little surprised about it at first, but she seems to be looking forward to the role, and she’s a fantastic actress. Apparently you guys haven’t seen her other roles or else you would know that she’d perfectly capable of playing an angry/evil character.

  9. Linda

    I think she defiantly can play Jane..she has a multidimensional Gift of encompassing a character and making us believe she IS that person…. Look at the movie Hide & Seek!… Robert Deniro’s Crazy character made her a little insane… and she was VERY believable…
    Check it out..
    trust me she will be fabulous as Jane Volturi… she will be Evil… and a bitch… heheheh!

  10. nikki

    I DO NOT think Dakota Fannie will do a good job at this role. Some of her other parts she had in different movies weren’t even good and i have no idea why she was even offered the job in the first place

  11. jhenelen

    she do fit as little jane. :)
    good thing she’s in!

  12. hannah

    I think she will be perfect for the role Jane. She has always seemed a bit older for her age.. even when she was really young. Also, I think she can definitely pull off the innocent outer appearance with the evil inner character. I think it’s in the eyes and the her smile….

  13. Sean

    Dakota is extremely capable of playing jane, she’s such an amazing actress and Twilight are lucky to have her. I am very interested in how the transformation is going to look like. Can’t wait for its release!!! (“,)

  14. Amber

    yeah she’ll be great playing Jane..she has been in so many movies..i think she’s a really good actress ..

  15. baylie

    I love Dakota fanning she is one of my favorite movie actresses.
    But i don’t think Dakota should play Jane in the movie New Moon…

  16. Amanda

    Wow! The negative responses about Dakota playing Jane are definitely reflections of immature individuals who have no idea of her abilities….this girl is very talented as she’s proven from a little child….She’ll be perfect for the part of Jane because the character is supposed to look and appear innocent, and Dakota has that look along with her awesome acting ability…Don’t Hate…:)

  17. Josie

    ok i think that Dakota is WRONG WRONGER AND WRONGEST FOR THAT PART! I think that she is way too nice. I don’t think its much of a coincidence that i was just about to e-mail the director and send him my pic and acting past when i came across this. Something or someone is just trying to get me pissed. I look exactly like Jane in the book and unlike Dakota, i’ve actually read the whole series, not to mention New moon. I have dark brown hair cut short and tan skin. I’m even around the age of 13 i’m 12 but ill be 13 in January on the 23rd. I have chocolate brown eyes and i can be a real b*tch sometimes or well… all the time. And i tell ya if i ever come across her that b*tch is not gonna know what’s coming at her.

  18. Josie

    dakota fanning pack is stupid and i don’t know why she was offered a job in the first place. my dog would do better at Jane than her. At least she’s a b*tch. lolz.

  19. Anna

    The whole point with Jane is that she is supposed to be beautiful, young and innocent looking.. She isn’t supposed to look creepy. I think dakota is a perfect fit

  20. Simina

    I don’t know Dakota Fanning is ok for Jane’s role. I mean, Dakota is such a sweetie, and Jane is more dark. But her face is perfect for this…

  21. twilightgirl

    Isn’t she a little bit to young to be playing the role of Jane?

  22. Becca

    I think everyone needs to have a little faith in dakota fanning. She will do just fine in new moon and the rest of the movies. If you don’t believe she can play anything but innocent, I suggest you watch push. Her new movie.She’s a very very talented actress and I have faith that she will do a wonderful job. She’s got what it takes. Innocent or not. She knows exactly what she’s doing. And I think you that do not believe in her need to sit back, shut up and wait for the movie, to be blown away.

  23. Becca

    And they don’t need an adult because jane isn’t even an adult in the book. Besides, how much more adult do you need? You wouldn’t belies the crap that girl has to go through. She’s adult enough and very mature for her age. You guys that don’t believe in her have not a clue what the hell your talkig about. She’s gunna kick ass..

  24. Chrissy Penn

    do you people realize that she is an ACTRESS? it doesn’t matter how sweet in life she is. her job is to ACT. and she will be perfect for this role. she has adapted perfectly to all the roles in all the movies she has done in the past. she has grown up alot and i think she is perfect. it doesn’t matter what any of us think. she is already in the movie and i know it will be amazing.

    so people just stop being so negative.
    get over it.

  25. Marty

    Wow…i think that Dakota is very good for the part of Jane.
    I’am very impatient…i don’t know if i can attend just 18th november to see New Moon. I love twilight saga, i read these books in one week.
    A kiss to everyone…
    Marty :D

  26. xtine

    i think she’s going to be awesome in the film! i very much liked the part in the trailers where she said “this is going to hurt just a little”. it suits Jane’s character very well. cold and stoic. terrifying in such a way that you don’t know what exactly to be afraid of, you just feel it. instinctual, one might say. i’m really looking forward to the film and i actually have high hopes for this one once i saw the trailers. i can feel the thrill already!! kudos to all twilighters! :D

  27. Crystal

    I think she’ll pull it off. besides, even though she’s sweet and innocent and you may think she can’t do it, she’s an actress. awesome actress.

  28. nina

    dakota is my favorite in twilight….. i love her