Daniel Craig Skyfall

James Bond Skyfall movieA first official picture of Daniel Craig (yes, that actor who looks like Vladimir Putin) as James Bond in Skyfall, the upcoming James Bond movie directed by Sam Mendes:

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“James Bond’s (Daniel Craig) loyalty to M (Judi Dench) is tested as her past comes back to haunt her. As MI6 comes under attack, 007 must track down and destroy the threat, no matter how personal the cost.”

Daniel Craig’s Bond is just a bitter man… I really wish they would ditch him for another actor, for someone at least as glamour as Sean Connery, Roger Moore or Pierce Brosnan.

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  1. Nick

    Man! What are you talking about?
    Comparing Daniel to Vlad? First time I heard such an comparison.. And it is crap!
    You have your right for an opinion but ditching him for another guy? OMG! Fail! Pierce Brosnan? You are kidding me, aren’t you?

    • Teaser Trailer

      The James Bonds movie with Pierce Brosnan were damn fun to watch. Daniel Craig’s films are just boring.

      And Vladimir Putin and Daniel Craig do look alike, check out those pics:

  2. Nick

    Again I respect your opinion (but I think as an open source you should be a little bit more objective, too). Of course the movies with Pierce were good.. At least Golden Eye.. But what is your problem with Daniel? And PLEASE come on! Why do you compare him with Putin? The second picture with the gun … NO similarities. NONE! According to the first one… The lips.. And that is ALL… I don’t want to be rude, but you may have to check your eyes if you really think, that these two look alike!

  3. Nick

    And Casino Royal / Quantum were not boring… MAN!

  4. Coyote77

    I think you are really wrong. I like this site a great deal but I got no problem ditching this place for something that A) Loads faster (its you not me) and B) Keeps opinions off the site.

    And you are soooo very wrong.
    I can recognize ANY bond film with less than 10 seconds of footage. I LOVE these movies.

    And Brosnan was good, but there was an invisible car and it was crap!
    He was late to the party cause he got stuck doing Remington Steele, sorry.
    And Dalton was fine but the sexual politics of the 90’s were not wild about Bond.
    And there will never be another Sean Connery, so deal with it.
    And George was rough but the movie was Great and you only had to deal with one film.
    And Sometimes the fun and imagination are the best part, but the move to Craig was solid.

    Get behind it man.
    Or get left behind.
    Casino Royale was just as good an intro for this character as Goldeneye.
    Quantum was twice the move that Die Another Day AND T.W.I.N.E. will EVER be.

    You may not like the guy, but he looks nothing like Putin.
    And maybe you need to accept that guys built like Roger Moore aren’t beating up anyone.

    Meant with Love for the character, and respect to your site.
    But yer mad wrong.



    Daniel Craig is great as James Bond. Plus, he is the only bond who has a ripped body. I love all the bond movies. Been a follower since I was a little girl.