Daniel Radcliffe Beast of Burden

Here’s a first official look at Actor Daniel Radcliffe in Beast of Burden, the upcoming action thriller movie directed by Jesper Ganslandt:

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Daniel Radcliffe - Beast Of Burden

Plot synopsis:
“The film focuses on Sean Haggerty (Radcliffe), a character who’s used to lying and keeping secrets from everyone, including the feds, the cartel, and even his wife, Julie. But now he’s ready to get out of this illegal business — after he finishes carrying 55 pounds of cocaine across the border in a small aircraft. Provided he can survive when he lands, of course.”

Well, he makes for a handsome drug smuggler cum pilot, doesn’t he?

No official release date yet.

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  1. Becca

    I was there at the hotel while they were making this movie and I would love to see how the movie turned out Daniel is a great guy and hopefully he can add this movie to his many amazing movies

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