Dark Knight New Spoiler Trailer

Harvey Dent becomes Two face because of The Joker, but ends up hating Batman...A new trailer has been released for the Dark Knight, upcoming Batman movie directed by Christopher Nolan. This new trailer contains a huge spoiler. Stop reading here in case you want to stay virgin about the Dark Knight…

Dark Knight New Trailer

They show how Harvey Dent is transformed into Two face after being in contact with some acid solution. And the words of the Joker may explain why Harvey Dent / Two face falls into the dark side.

A great batman movie ahead!

2 Responses - “Dark Knight New Spoiler Trailer”

  1. Anonymous

    He doesnt come in contact with an acid solution, if you had of watched the movie you would see that it is oil in the drums where Dent is and it burns his face off when Batman saves him.

  2. Shannon

    Harvey Dent did not come in contact with ‘acid solution’.

    If you had of watched the movie, you would see that when him and the girl are tied up in serperate rooms with the barrels around them, they are OIL drums. Not acid.

    He knocks one over and then as Batman rescues him, the place blows up and his face catches on fire.