Dark Knight Preview

In the Dark Knight, Batman will have to confront not only the Joker but also Harvey Dent / Two-Face!The studios are really treating us at the occasion of Independence Day. We already had some amazing stuffs earlier, but guess what: there is more! Indeed, preview clips of the Dark Knight have been unleashed. And they look fantastic! So thirteen Dark Knight clips (plus a secret surprise which has been around for a while already) are waiting for you at:

–> Dark Knight Preview Clips

Just to convince you to check the clips, here two of those explosive Dark Knight preview clips:

There’s a Batman. (Heath Ledger as The Joker)

Break in.

Those previews of the Dark Knight are definitely amazing. Never a movie has stuck my imagination as the Dark Knight! If I have to make a bold statement, I would say that the Dark Knight is more than a masterpiece: it is an artistic revolution!

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