Dark Tide Movie

Actress Halle Berry got the lead role in Dark Tide, an upcoming action thriller movie directed by John Stockwell. The story revolves around a diving instructor (Halle Berry) who returns to the deep after a near-fatal incident with a Great White shark. Here’s a first look at Halle Berry and Oliver Martinez in the movie Dark Tide:

Dark Tide Trailer

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Dark Tide MovieOlivier Martinez and Halle berry - Dark Tide Movie

“Kate Mathieson, shark naturalist and documentarian, has been reluctant to re-enter the water since the tragic death of her mentor. Once renowned for swimming with Great White Sharks without the protection of a cage, Kate now spends her days giving mundane wildlife tours. However, the surprise arrival of her old partner and boyfriend, Jeff (Olivier Martinez), convinces her to face her inner demons and get back in the water with the fiercest of predators.”

Halle Berry is a beautiful reason to go watch the movie Dark Tide!

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