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Ghost Rider 2
Back in July Nicolas Cage said that the movie Ghost Rider 2 would be a kind of reboot, not really a sequel to the first film. Well, that’s now confirmed by Scriptwriter David Goyer (the guy behind the story of Batman Begins) whose script written 9 years ago has been selected for the film. He spoke to MTV in October:

Ghost Rider 2 Trailer

David Goyer screenwriter of the movie Ghost Rider 2

“It’s not exactly a reboot. I hate to say it’s more realistic, because he’s got a flaming skull for a head, but it’s a bit more stripped down and darker. It’s definitely changing tone.
This story picks up eight years after the first film. You don’t have to have seen the first film. It doesn’t contradict anything that happened in the first film, but we’re pretending that our audience hasn’t seen the first film. It’s as if you took that same character where things ended in the first film and then picked it up eight years later—he’s just in a much darker, existential place.
My script is out there on the Internet, We’re not changing much from it. It’ll be significantly the same script.”

Scriptwriter David Goyer

Now that it’s been announced that David Goyer is in charge of the script of Ghost Rider 2 I guess more people will get interested in the sequel. If he can use the same recipe as he did for Batman Begins, then Ghost Rider 2 would become a huge success!

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