Deadfall Movie

Take a look to the first official poster of Deadfall (previously titled Blackbird), the upcoming drama thriller movie directed by Stefan Ruzowitzky:

Deadfall Trailer

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)

“Siblings Addison (Eric Bana) and Liza (Olivia Wilde) are on the run with the stolen loot from a casino job gone horribly wrong. Meanwhile, troubled ex-boxer Jay (Charlie Hunnam) heads for Thanksgiving dinner with his parents, June (Sissy Spacek) and retired sheriff Chet (Kris Kristofferson). What will happen when their worlds collide in a twist of fate?”

And two pictures from the film:

(Click on a picture to enlarge it.)

Olivia Wilde and Charlie Hunnam - Blackbird Movie Eric Bana - Blackbird Movie

The film is starring Eric Bana, Olivia Wilde, Charlie Hunnman, Kate Mara, Kris Kristofferson and Sissy Spacek. The film will be released in theaters on December 7, 2012.

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