Deadpool 2 Movie

Deadpool 2 Movie - Deadpool SequelThe live-action movie adaptation of Deadpool is performing more than well in theaters. And now there’s of course word of a sequel. Yep, we may get ready for Deadpool 2. Scriptwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are already working on on the sequel. And Actor Ryan Reynolds will definitely reprise his role as the merc with a mouth.

No official plot synopsis has been revealed yet. But according to the online rumor, the sequel will involve the mutant Cable. And we may expect the sequel to be produced on a relatively low budget (but I guess they will have more money than for the first one), so there’s hope for Deadpool 2 to stay as humanly grounded as the first one, yep a character-driven story and not a visual-effect feast.

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Update – Sounds like Deadpool 2 is on the front burner, we may get to see the film earlier than expected:

“We have really exciting news to share: The entire creative team, including director Tim Miller and producer Ryan Reynolds, are hard at work on a Deadpool sequel.”

20th Century Fox co-chairman Stacey Snider
(at the CinemaCon on Thursday, April 14. )

And Director Tim Miller will return for the sequel!

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