Dear White People Movie Trailer

A new trailer of Dear White People, the upcoming satirical comedy movie written and directed by Justin Simien, has been released online, check it out below:

“A satire that follows the stories of four black students at an Ivy League college where a riot breaks out over a popular ‘African American’ themed party thrown by white students. With tongue planted firmly in cheek, the film explores racial identity in ‘post-racial’ America while weaving a universal story of forging one’s unique path in the world.”

The film is funny, but come on, it’s time to see the new face of America: it has become a mixed country for God’s sake! Black, white, and yellow have been melting in the American pot… by the way Obama is mixed, he is as much white as black. This movie is just a window on the past.

The film will open in theaters on October 17, 2014.

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