Death Race 2 Preview Clip

Death Race 2 FilmFour new clips of Death Race 2 have been unleashed online:

Death Race 2 – Police chase
Carl Lucas (Luke Goss) is chased by the police.

Death Race 2 – Hitmen
Markus Kane (Sean Bean), in an attempt to stop Luke, Markus (Sean Bean) hires hitmen.

Two more clips of Death Race 2 below:

Death Race 2 – Pit Team
Lucas (Luke Goss) gets a brief rundown on the car

Death Race 2 – Bribe
Markus Kane (Sean Bean) attempts to bribe Katrina (Tanit Phoenix) into leading to Carl Lucas’s death.

What do you think of the movie Death race 2? Will you watch it when it comes out on DVD and BluRay in January?

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