Death Race 3 Movie

Death Race 3 MovieStill a few weeks before the US release of Death Race 2, but I heard that the studios are already planning a new sequel. Death Race 3 will most likely be released straight to DVD and BluRay. The plot hasn’t been announced yet. Will Death Race 3 be a direct sequel to Death Race 2 (which is actually a prequel to Jason Statham’s Death Race)? Or will the film focus on the events following Statham’s breakout? I guess it will depend on Luke Goss’ agenda. But I really doubt he would refuse a lead role in Death Race 3.

Well, more details about the movie Death Race 3 soon!

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  1. Racefan

    i really liked Luke’s crew. Do you think they will bring back Rocco who killed Luke as well? Like maybe hes not dead when Lists killed him in the shower and he wants revenge on Lists. then they could get Danny Treyo again as well.

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