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Below a list of the new movies to get released in December 2019:

Movie Title: Star Wars 9
Genre: Science-Fiction
Director: J.J. Abrams
Release Date: Fri 20, Dec 2019

Plot Synopsis: Star Wars Episode IX, the ninth installment in the Star Wars movie franchise.

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Movie Title: The Division
Genre: Action/Science-Fiction
Director: Stephen Gaghan
Written by: Stephen Gaghan
Release Date: Sat 21, Dec 2019

Plot Synopsis: On Black Friday In New York City, Bio-Terrorists release a modified strain of Smallpox called the “Green Poison” onto several amounts of currency bills. This results in the disease spreading rapidly and before long society in NYC has collapsed – resulting in the activation of the Strategic Homeland Division. The main focus of The Division is to keep peace and restore society while government scientists work on a cure. Multiple factions rise up struggling to take control of New York City, such as escaped inmates called Rikers, Cleaners who are mobilized sanitation workers trying to kill the disease on their own with fire; and the Last Man Batallion – a private military company initially hired by Wall Street millionaires that is now comprised of mercenaries and a few rogue Division agents. The first wave of Division agents were either killed off or went Rogue by joining other factions. It's up to the second wave to make sure that order is restored.

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