Deep Movie trailer

Deep FilmThere’s a new international trailer for Deep, the upcoming adventure CG animated movie directed by Julio Soto, and it’s in English, watch it below:


From some of the minds behind Madagascar and Angry Birds Toons.

To save their home they’re taking the plunge for an epic adventure!

Plot synopsis:
“In a deep-sea world of the future where humans have abandoned the earth and the oceans have risen, Deep, an adventurous octopus and the last of his kind lives among a rag tag band of aquatic oddities protected by the keeper of the abyss, the mythical Kraken. But when an accident destroys their home in the deepest crevice of the ocean, Deep and his friends will be forced to find a new home, facing formidable enemies and dealing with the most hilarious situations along the way.”

Are you in for one colorful sea adventure? Do see the movie Deep then!

The voice cast includes Jess Harnell, Phil LaMarr, Jeff Bennett, Dave Fennoy, Bob Bergen, William Salyers, Joe Hernandez, Anna Vocino, Terri Douglas, Joe Ochman, Beth Rollan, and Lindsey Alena.

No official US release date yet.

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