Delgo Trailer by Fathom Studios

Delgo Movie

Want to escape from the recession into a magical world? Then have a look to Fathom Studios’ latest CGI-animated fantasy movie Delgo. Here the first Delgo trailer:

Delgo First Official Trailer

Hatered divided two races…

Love challenges beliefs!

A forgotten enemy returns…


Freddie Prinze Jr., Jennifer Love Hewitt, Anne Bancroft (before she died) and Val Kilmer are lending their voices to the movie Delgo.

One Response - “Delgo Trailer by Fathom Studios”

  1. Alba Leone

    The trailers look mystical and magical. I have never seen such an array of hues….not color but hues. Fantastic. I used to paint animation cells by hand and you just couldn’t achieve the blends and saturations, that you now have, with today’s computer animation.

    I wish Fathom Studios great success.