Disaster L.A. Movie Trailer

Have you ever thought about mixing a meteor shower and zombie virus in one movie? Well, you’d get something like Disaster L.A., the upcoming action science-fiction horror movie written and directed by Turner Clay and starring Justin Ray, Jerod Meagher, Stefanie Estes, Ron Hanks, Michael Taber, and Dennis Leech. Here’s the movie trailer thanks to Warner Bros:


The last zombie apocalypse begins here.

“After a meteor shower strikes Los Angeles, toxic smoke is released across the city causing people to physically change and become violent (–> zombies!). A small group of survivors plans to vacate the city by heading to the coast.”

And here’s the film poster:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)

Those zombies look so evil! Will mankind survive? Will Rick from the Walking Dead show up? LoL!

Anyway, what do you think of this trailer of Disaster LA? Are you excited about the film? Share your thoughts below!

The film will be released straight to DVD and Blu-Ray on September 16, 2014.

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  1. jennifer

    stop doing movies like this