District 9 Movie Sequel

District 9 SequelDistrict 9 has been released and the film wasn’t overhyped: it’s definitely a great sci-fi movie, sure to be cult! And if you’re craving for for a movie sequel, then you can help by telling to you friends how great the movie is. Because Director Neill Blomkamp stated indeed that there could be a movie sequel to District 9 if:

“If this film is successful, if audiences want another, whatever, District 10, I would love to do it. It’s a very personal film, and it’s a universe and a place that I find incredibly creative. I’d love to go back to that universe.”

Director Neill Blomkamp

So please, tell your friend about District 9, even go watch it again with you family: let’s make District a real success so Director Neill Blomkamp starts to work on the movie sequel of District 9 as soon as possible!

3 Responses - “District 9 Movie Sequel”

  1. sara

    i saw this movie last night, it was interesting, good ending, but it leaves off, wondering what will happen in 3 years ? does that alien come back for him in 3 yrs ? i think he should and come rescue the remaining aliens !

  2. nick

    i certainly think that this D9 was one of, if not, the best movie of the summer. it had everything that makes a good movie, for me that being: a great story line, good action, good acting and good suspense that builds up to an ending that doesn’t disappoint. this movie had a great new take on the subject of alien contact. for once, the aliens aren’t the bad guys. so hell yeah, I’m up for a sequel, because Neill definitely left opening for one.

  3. singaporehit

    I have never imagined this movie could portray that much realistic alien world. The best alien movie of all time. Pls make the sequel.

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