Don’t Get Caught Movie

Two additional posters for Don’t Get Caught, the latest comedy movie starring Mike Epps, Elise Neal, Luenell, Brian Hooks, Brock Johnsen, E-40, Water, D-Shot, Sherry Rose, Suga-T, B-Legit, Celly Cel, Bobby Gaspar, Mike Benett, and Dan L. Porter:

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Their green is about to go up in smoke.

Plot synopsis:
“Dre (E-40) & Icy (Brian Hooks), two friends who, while on their annual road trip, make a wrong turn and discover a marijuana farm run by an old ruthless hillbilly. Thinking they’ve hit the jackpot, the two clear out the farm and head back to the city to sell their score. Little do they realize, the hillbilly is determined to get his crop back and has put a $100,000 bounty on their heads! It’s a race against time for Dre & Icy, with one main goal. DON’T GET CAUGHT!”

What are the chances of stumbling upon such a farm?

Here’s the movie trailer of Don’t Get Caught if you haven’t seen it yet:


The film is directed by D-Shot.

Release date: June 5, 2018 (on DVD).

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