Dr Facilier in The Princess and The Frog

Thanks to Cartoon Brew we may take a look to a new behind-the-scenes clip of The Princess and the Frog. The featurette introduces us to Dr. Facilier, the villain of this new Disney movie:

The Princess and the Frog

There is no denying Keith David is bringing a lot to his character! His voice makes Dr. Facilier look so real! And I start to think that the most interesting character won’t be Tiana the princess or the Frog, but rather this mean Dr. Facilier! He’s got style!

They really care for details at Disney: an animated movie, it’s more than just animation, voices account for a lot indeed! I’m now confident that The Princess and the Frog will be a great movie.

(via: Cartoon Brew here)

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  1. Hal

    I don’t know if anyone noticed this or not since it’s a small detail, but the physical articulation of his movement is something similar to that of Tramp {Lady & the Tramp] and The Dodge {Oliver & Co.].

    This gives him a very street-wise and smooth/suave quality which I just love, and will definitely find amusing in the movie. He’ll most likely be one of my favorite villains, along with Frollo, Scar, Hades, Maleficent, and Otto.