Dylan Dog Movie Trailer

Dylan Dog Movie Trailer leakedWe’ve got our hands on the first movie trailer of Dylan Dog aka Dylan Dog Dead of Night, the upcoming fantasy thriller movie directed by Kevin Munroe and starring Brandon Routh:

Dylan Dog Trailer

“Dylan Dog is the world’s only paranormal investigator. He hardly moved to New Olreans to escape a life made of nightmares. However, nightmares will find him again. A missing artifact, a beautiful heiress and a brutal murder conspire to drag him back into the dark world of the undead… Have you ever wondered if the person next to you was really part of your world?”

The special effects seen in this movie trailer of Dylan Dog look quite good. And it feels like it could be an entertaining movie. But still hard not to think about Superman when I see Brandon Routh…

Director Kevin Munroe talks about Dylan Dog and Brandon Routh:

Kevin Munroe

“Dylan Dog is a character that brilliantly mixes charisma, affability, and hard-driven principles. I couldn’t be happier with Brandon’s portrayal — he meshed all of those aspects into a charming action hero, funny as he was ass-kicking. I can’t wait to share his work with the world.”

Director Kevin Munroe

The movie Dylan Dog will probably get released this Halloween.

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