Edward Zwick Defiance Movie International Trailer

Daniel Craig and Liev Schreiber in Defiance

Director Zwick’s Defiance seems so great that Paramount has postponed the release of the movie till the end of December 2008 in order to be able to compete for the Oscar.

Here below the latest Defiance international trailer:

Defiance International Trailer

By the summer of 1941 Hitler’s army was on the move.
For millions it was a death sentence.
But for one man it was a declaration of war.

Based on the most incredible true story… you have never heard

From the director of “Blood Diamond” and “The Last Samurai”

Out of conflict comes courage.
Out of battle comes brotherhood.
Out of desperation comes defiance.


I think Defiance is going to be a really interesting World War II movie. But this cut of this international trailer of Defiance, by focusing on the dark forest, makes the film look like a modern version of Kevin Costner’s Robin Hood:Prince Of Thieves… Not that Kevin Costner movie was that bad, but really hope that Defiance will be better!

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