Escape Room Movie

Here’s a first official look at Escape Room, the upcoming thriller movie directed by Will Wernick based on a script he co-wrote with Noah A.D. and starring Evan Williams, Annabelle Stephenson, Elisabeth Hower, and Billy Flynn:

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Escape Room Movie

Plot synopsis:
“To celebrate his 30th birthday, Tyler’s girlfriend, Kristen, takes him and two other couples to play the latest craze–ESCAPE ROOM. In an escape room, you are locked in a room and given one hour to figure out cryptic clues in order to escape. Harmless fun… until now!
The group is led into a locked room and the clock starts ticking. They quickly sense something is wrong, the puzzles become increasingly difficult and increasingly deadly. One by one the escape room claims a new victim and the surviving players realize they are no longer playing a game; they are playing for their lives.”

Think twice before entering the escape room!

There’s also a teaser poster, take a look below:

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Escape Room Movie Teaser

The film has yet to get an official release date.

Stay tuned with us for more details about the movie Escape Room.

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