Expendables 2 Movie

Expendables 2 Movie - The Expendables SequelWe already knew that Sylvester Stallone was considering a movie sequel to the Expendables even before the film was released. Well, now that the Expendables movie is performing quite well in theaters, it sounds like it’s a done deal. He’s already revealing a few details about the Expendables 2:

Expendables 2 Trailer

The sequel to The Expendables is plotted out in my mind’s eye. I believe this group has to continue to evolve; it just can’t become the same people. So how do you get new people introduced into the group, and how do you have some of the other people leaving? Those are the challenges.

Sylvester Stallone

The first opus of The Expendables was a hell of a movie, so you can sign me up for the Expendables 2!

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