Extracurricular Movie – After school is when the real fun begins!

There’s a first official poster for Extracurricular, the upcoming horror thriller movie directed by Ray Xue:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)


After school is when the real fun begins.

Plot synopsis:
โ€œThe film follows four friends (Keenan Tracey, Brittany Teo, Brittany Raymond, Spencer Macpherson,) that are model students at their high school. When life as a student proves too dreary, they turn to their secret pastime: planning and executing murders. But when a murder goes awry, their bonds and relationships are strained with something they never saw coming. Soon they must use their devious talents to find their way out of a gory situation.โ€

Well, you know the saying, friends who slay together stay together…

The cast includes Luke Goss, Keenan Tracey, Spencer Macpherson, Brittany Teo, Brittany Raymond, Emilie Ullerup, Stephen Bogaert, Richard Clarkin, Emmanuel Kabongo, Suzanne Cyr, David Webster, Jean Paul Najm, Shanel Maida, Madeleine Claude, Trisha Larocque, and Joshua Joel Bailey.

No official release date yet.

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